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Yep, this seems to be broken now...

Yes it is , it just wont let me log into my Garadget and thinks my password is incorrect

It almost saves my password incorrectly. I see only three dots when going into the app as if it cant save more password credentials

It's broken on the smartthings side also...more info on the garadget forum.

Should you prefer local then Garadget now has an MQTT integration and that will link with a virtual Garage Door Controller using the MQTT app. Obviously the MQTT is local but I don't know if the update from the Garadget to MQTT is local or cloud. I assume it must be because otherwise it couldn't access MQTT (unless that was cloud accessible). @hovee do you happen to know ?

It is all local when using MQTT

If you put the Garadget in listening mode, you can connect to it and input your MQTT broker information.

Garadget MQTT Setup Instructions

Once the Garadget is connected to your MQTT Broker, you can install @kevin's MQTT App on your Hubitat and then install a Virtual Garage Door Controller.

Configuration of Garadget as Virtual Garage Door Controller in the MQTT App

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This may seem like a silly question, but I haven't been keeping up on things. Does Hubitat have its own MQTT Broker or are you still required to have one setup on an external system?

You still need an external broker , on anything 24/7 really. Pi, NAS, NUC etc.
This is quite sensible (although possibly not as convenient maybe). The MQTT broker is like a home appliance for automation.

The MQTT client app runs on HE.

First off, big fan of Inovelli! I have about a dozen red dinners and 3 preorders for the fan light control. Very excited!

I’m using this MQTT docker container Docker Hub

Using @kevin awesome app, all of my hubitat devices can be seen in MQTT and controlled by other services, like Home Assistant. His app also can control MQTT devices, like the garadget from the post above and have them show up as devices in Hubitat.

I’d def spend some time to get it all set up. It’s been really useful!

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Just to clarify with anyone that might have more knowledge. Can one use the mqttt broker app on habitat as a 'mediator '?
I am just confused as I never used nor know much about it.
So I download the mqttt driver and app then use that to link garadget.
Also are the tokens permanently broken

I think the app would need to be re-written, it's looking like Garadget has little interest in supporting this....other than saying someone need to re-write it. While I've been generally happy with the Garadaget I'm considering going another route. I really don't want to have more devices to maintain (mqtt on whatever platform), etc, etc and more complexity. Thinking of going the zooz relay route. Tis a shame because this was all fine...but there ya go...the problems with being tied to a hosted don't get a say in the changes.

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Nice! :slight_smile:

100% agree with you here. I love Garadget and will probably stick with them (with the mqtt route as I don't have time to look into editing the App) until the hardware dies, but reliance on a cloud service definitely has its downside.

@j.dechlan It sounds like there isn't a broker for the Hubitat hub yet. Just a client. The broker acts as a middle man that can be tied into by clients running on all kinds of platforms. At least that is how I understand it. So you have to have a broker setup on a Raspberry Pi or some other 24/7 available system.

What do you have the MQTT timeout (keep alive) for the garadget set to?

I'm trying to get this working...but struggling. I'm seeing "some" status info coming in, but not all and not timely. have not gotten control of the door working yet either.

Here is my config info for my Garadget. Everything is default except configuring Wifi/MQTT IP/Sensor Threshold for my door.

Here's a pic of the control in Hubitat Make sure to set transition time in Hubitat to 5 seconds. Currently there is a 5 second delay from when you press Close in Hubitat until the garadget receives the close command

Here's the setup inside the MQTT App. Make sure you create the Virtual Garage Door Controller inside the MQTT App. If you create a virtual garage door controller outside of the MQTT app, it will not work. I made that mistake once. You must create the virtual device and set it up inside the MQTT app.

Thank issue was related to:

Be careful with the name of the topic on garadget. The garadget created two topics in my MQTT broker. One with the "device name" of the garadget and one with the "topic name" that you set in the firmware when you configure it. It seems that the "Device name" is the only one that works...even though I see both registered topics in MQTT broker. Just a little gotcha with these.

@jrfarrar - are you using my 'MQTT' app - if so is it working OK for you and if not can I help ?

I am. So far so good. I have 3 garadgets and got 1 working. The other 2 not yet. However....the sun was shining and the smart home has taken a backseat to the beach and boat. :slight_smile:

That issue got me too a while ago. Thankfully MQTT Explorer helped me figure it out. In MQTT Explorer I deleted the whole garadget tree and then physically opened the door and closed it. That helped me figure out which was the right one.

Glad you got it working!!

Can you shed some light on what this means:


It really shouldn't be at the 'error' level - I'll lower that.

All it means is that there are no 'queued' messages coming in from MQTT so the MQTT app is idle. When you first connect with MQTT and if using discovery I subscribe to a lot of wildcarded topics that can return hundreds of messages so these get queued.

It's actually a good message even if it's showing red !

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