FYI - garden hose faucet valve controller for simple watering needs

This may be useful for anyone who wants a HE-controller garden hose valve controller but has a small front/back yard.

alex_sari, an eBay seller from whom many of us have purchased Iris outlets and sensors has Iris/Orbit zigbee valve controller available for sale. These are meant for garden hose faucets. They are listed as being used, but the one I received was brand new.

There's a built-in HE driver for these, making it easy to setup conditional rules to water. I've had one of these for a few years and purchased a second for my backyard.

Here's the link:


Amazingly, I just pulled one out of storage today, the yard is getting crispy!

I'm tempted but I've had bad luck with plastic plumbing devices as our water pressure here is quite high. I've measured anywhere in the range of 80 to 115 PSI.
But boy it makes for a great shower :slight_smile:

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That's real high. I don't know if it is code, but around here, we have PRVs that restrict the psi to 60-65.

Yes we did too and agree on the shower but then friend had water line burst and caused $1000s of damage and had to redo their hardwood floors. Mine has gone up from the 90s to 120 in the 17 years I have been in this house as they continue building further out from town.

Code in my area now requires PRVs, pressure reduced valves. I had to install one when I changed my hot water heater. I was worried about shower pressure and kitchen faucet pressure but it has honestly not been much different though I had plumber open the PRV at it’s highest setting. Still no where near the 115/120 I was getting before.

What really pushed me to PRV was continued irrigation pipe bursts and high water bills. I had one installed on my backflow too

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Oh man! A few weeks ago there were none. I paid about $10 more to get one :joy:

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I think PRVs are not against code but I'm not sure they are required. A couple of years ago I had some damage (not major) because the plastic stem in a undersink shutoff valve broke off.

Now I have 100% copper with braided SS for the washing machine.

Never quite understood how well a household PRV worked without having a drain to bleed off any overpressure volume.

Thanks! Ordered 2. I always wanted these but was never willing to pay the price when they were in the stores. Weren't they like $80 or something?

Oh @aaiyar, you’ve given me NO excuse to NOT pull the trigger while I’m home, “locked up”.
I’ve been thinking about controlling a hose fitting - so now it’s on order.
Good on yah


I hope more of these pop up again.....

Just a heads up......


Orbit 27087-03 Smart 1 Outlet Hose Faucet Timer

Seller information


Only 6 available as of 6/25/20 (3:21pm est)


Thanks, I actually just ordered one, popped up on my saved search.