Future Feature?

I'm wondering if in the future the option to copy a rule or notification would be possible.
For example in Pfsense firewall. You can copy a rule and then change only the settings you need to change for the new rule. i.e rename if or change the ip address of the new rule.

Hence if you are a newbie and make a new rule or a notification and you know it works, then you can just copy that and only change the device for the new rule. Seems it would simplify and make it much easier and since you only change a couple of settings you would pretty much know the new rule will most likely work with minimal time spent and just a couple of changes.

Just a suggestion to make it easier to use and especially for the new user.

There is already an Export/Import/Clone function available (may need to click the cogwheel to get to it.)


As mentioned above, this exists for (almost) any app already, including rules. See here for how to get to this page and how to use this feature, one of a few different things you'll find there:



Thanks exactly what I don't understand about Hubitat and it's GUI.
Why make everything so convoluted? Why not put the choices beside each rule or app, etc.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing. I love Hubitat and have used it for years. I just purchased and revived the C8. But I've been a heavy computer user since 1981. I designed a top 50 website chosen by Time Magazine in 2005. Hubitat by far is the most convoluted menu layout I've ever experienced since 1981. Why not put your choices right by the rules and apps?
Such as this. I took the menu choices in Pfsense and combined them into a line in Hubitat.

So as you can see in the above. The choices for a certain app or rule would
be available to you right on the same line as the rule or app. Edit it, Copy it, Disable it, or Delete it.
The anchor symbol is to to move the rule up or down in the lineup... these icons are from Pfsense I just placed them in here for an example. Anyway...I'm sure someone will bash me for even making this post. That's why I normally don't post anything on my sites. But the interface for Hubitat has wasted so much of my time by just trying to find or look for the setting I want to use when it doesn't have to be such a struggle.

But I can't post the example image here. Oh well.
Please consider this at some point. I beg you. :slight_smile:

I'll never understand why you have made the GUI so darn complicated.
Anyway all the best and thanks for a device that does what it's suppose to. I just wish it was easier to tell it what to do. Not intended to be a rant or disrespectful of you product whatsoever.

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Join the Owner’s Group and you should be able to post images and URLs.


To be fair, the Hubitat founding was predominantly devs that got tired of SmartThings and decided to go their own route. If I had to hazard a guess, most of their experience was probably in backend app coding and not on UX design. Now they're a small company with (what I imagine) is probably not a huge revenue stream. Hence, we get a pretty solid functioning hub with a, admittedly lackluster, UI.

So, what do they do? I can't imagine they have the budget right now to bring on a full-time UX designer. They can opt to contract out having someone come in for a few months to refresh the current UI, but then the existing staff would have to learn how to maintain and build on it once that person is gone.

My hope, and probably the same for others, is that the added revenue of the C-8 launch in tandem with Wink and SmartThings users jumping ship will help open up the full-time option.


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