Future Enhancement Request For Backup and Restore Dialog Screen

Good morning all,

Wanted to get the community's thoughts on an enhancement request to have a schedule option for local backups mirror the one provided for cloud backups. Seems like I am always making small enhancements and needing to take a backups but they are now down to a weekly basis (most of the time). Every time I think "I am done" I am back at it making these small enhancements. I have seen some of you refer to this as an addiction. I am addicted.

My proposal is to have the same schedule on the left side of the backup and restore dialogue screen as that on the right side already provided on the right side for cloud backups. Thoughts?

By the way great revision the the new Backup and Restore dialogue screen. Much better layout, clean, visual alignment of boxes have your eyes following evenly horizontally, etc. Once again hats off the the development team!!

Possibly the current upload and restore option could be moved to its own tab across the top along with the existing General, Local Backups, and Cloud Backups tabs? Maybe call it Local Backup Restore?

Granted it is easy enough to take a backup manually but the convenience of having it scheduled like the Cloud Backup Restore function is a convenient. A standard functionality across an app never hurts. I would also be nice to be able to select the target director folder since I always move it from downs to a local NAS cloud for RAID 5 redundancy.

I realize there is no such thing as a small change. But wanted to see what the group and the developers think.

Thanks for everyone's time.