Fun with deadbolts and electric striker plates

Why am I looking at electric strike plates?

  • All the available Z-wave/Zigbee deadbolts are insecure if you have a window in or next to the door because if you break the glass you can just reach through and open the deadbolt. This isn't really "security".

On my back door I've got a window and they installed a deadbolt requiring a key on both sides. (For fire safety this is not legal!!) To allow home automation access and a working emergency exit I've been looking for an electric strike plate that will work with the standard 1" deadbolt. An electronic strike plate coupled with a wall button for emergency operation, and a Fortezz MimoLite set to 'momentary' will let it be used with home automation.

:arrow_forward::arrow_right: So where is my question...
Does anyone know of an 12v to 24v electric striker plate that will take a 1" deadbolt that won't break the bank?
It is pretty frustrating because almost all listings for electric strike plates list every dimension other than the depth of bolt. I've found this one and down in the description specifically mentions 1" deadbolts: HES 1006CS Complete Electric Strike Pacs for Deadbolt Locks
I'm not happy with the $386 "discount price". So can anyone identify an affordable alternative?

(Yeah, the description says it's the only one that will do 1" deadbolts but in a world with billions of locks and rampant chinese manufacturing I don't believe that for a minute.)

Smile sweetly and report "them" to the fire service. Job done. If its illegal they'll have to take it off.

I would also suggest changing the deadbolt to a single cylinder, i.e. the type with key outside and thumb-turn inside. The double cylinder setup you have now is illegal where I live too, because it’s unsafe.

Working around the issue with an electric strike plate to be used in case of a fire emergency still seems like a risk to me.

But I’m personally more concerned about fire safety than home intrusion. An intruder could almost as easily breach the door while the deadbolt is still bolted, or break and enter through a window.

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We are getting way off topic here. The question is a Home Automation question.
I have a pretty sophisticated halotron fire suppression system, passive and active fire detection systems, and redundant 12 and 24 volt systems so I'm not worried about issues with an electric exit system (which is legal). So the idea of compromising security so a teenager with a rag and a fist can walk in isn't an interesting subject. It also isn't relevant to a home automation forum.

The relevant question is" Does anyone know of an affordable electric strike plate that can deal with a 1" deadbolt." And that question is home automation related.

That's actually a great price for a 1" deadbolt strike that can be configured as a fail-secure or fail-safe. Thanks for the link.

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Really? [choke, choke, gasp...]
With the number of sub $50 electric door strikes I figured I'd find a few on Banggood or Aliexpress for under $100