Fully supported wired multi sensors?

I'm not happy with my zooz battery 4in1, because mostly battery, and the Aeon labs gen 5 have frustrated me away from them.

Any recommendations for really reliable zwave (or zigbee, I guess) wired power multi sensors that work well with Hubitat? I'd like at least motion, lux, and temperature reporting. Small would be nice, as it will be visible.


Aeon's MultiSensor 6 can be USB powered. (I'm not sure if your "5" was a typo, but I wasn't a fan of the previous generation. I'm not a fan of this one either because it eats batteries and is slow to detect motion, but at least USB would eliminate the first problem). The new Inovelli 4-in-1 can also be USB-powered. Neither is small, but the Aeon can be recessed if you feel like using their kit. Otherwise, the Dome DMMS1 doesn't do temperature but is among my favorite Z-Wave sensors, and the battery lasts quite a while. If you don't need it to necessarily look pretty, you can also convert pretty much any battery sensor to USB power using a few mods (usually either a spacer "dowel"-type object or soldering along with a 5V-to-3V converter), details of which you can find in a few threads here or in the ST forum.

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No, the 5 wasn’t a typo. Apparently there’s quite a difference between the 5 and 6. Crazy thing is I have some 5s that work great, and others never release motion detection in Hubitat - no matter what driver I use! Crazy. I might look at the 6 or convert my Zooz to usb power like you say. Can’t be that hard. Those are nice and small at least and besides the batter pretty reliable.

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