Fully Kiosk slow after a day

For those who use Fully Kiosk for their HE dashboards, does it get slow for you too and have you found a fix for the sluggishness? I use mine with a Kindle Fire HD 10. I used to have Google Play but heard that caused sluggishness so I did a full reset of the tablet and installed Fully Kiosk again. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to have solved the issue and it still gets slow. Any recommendations appreciated.


  1. Use Fully version for Fire OS (Download from Fully website)

  2. Insure dashboard uses local address, not cloud address

  3. Verify there is a good Wifi connection.

    • Settings --> Wireless & Bluetooth --> Wifi --> click on current connection for info
  4. Stop unused running tasks

    • scroll up from bottom click square icon for running task info
  5. Kill Alexa in settings if not used

  6. Reboot

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I have the same setup as you and i've experienced the same sluggishness. After 6 months of using Fully Kiosk, I'm now seeing dashboards not updating, so I have a rule machine task to refresh the dashboard every 5 minutes.
At least once every 4 days Fully Kiosk crashes outright.
And I've now noticed a little web ui warning as it appears the amazon device is using an outdated OS component. I've tried updating it by installing chrome but no go. I'm considering moving to a "regular' android tablet (a cheap Samsung) to see if it gets better.

Thanks! The sluggishness is not specific to the dashboard but with Fully Kiosk (so the settings menu is also sluggish). Also, I don't have alexa running and I'm not running any other tasks on the tablet. Thanks for the suggestions though

Yeah, I believe the outdated webkit warning is with all fire tablets. I bought a wall mount specifically for the tablet and so don't want to have to change it. Hopefully we can find a solution.

FYI, I noticed my Fire Tablet was asking to do an OS update and since it applied the update, the tablet, and Fully Kiosk and one of my particularly overdone dashboards are horrendously slow and not showing any updates.

I was able to get it to be tolerable (although still slow, but for a $79 tablet, I can't complain that much) by rebooting. Just restarting Fully didn't help.