Fully Kiosk App Launcher App Component

I am trying to an app launcher page in the hubitat dashboard, this is in place of the built in app launcher. I was hoping that if I put the app component from the Fully kiosk launcher in a link tile it would start the app but that doesnt seem to be the case. For exampl, Paprika Recipe Manage has an app component in the Fully Kiosk app luncher of com.hindsightlabs.paprika.android.v3/crc643325d1bb1b05bab5.PaprikaActivity . When I put this in a link tile the dashboard tries to open http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/apps/api/2/dashboard/com.hindsightlabs.paprika.android.v3/crc643325d1bb1b05bab5.PaprikaActivity . is there something that I can prepend the link with to get the app to launch?

Is opening like that because you're missing the protocol (IE "http") so it show it as part of the same dashboard page. You need to use a protocol or URL that the app understand.

For example to open a facebook profile it can be fb:// or http://www.facebook.com/ and the facebook app will open.

You need to know the protocol used by the app for deep links.

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