Full reset

I want to do a full reset on a C5 hub (yes, a FULL RESET) to start over with clean sheets. I follow prosedure, hub shuts down to red light. I powercycle and when i reconnet to hub all my scenes/rules and devices are still present in hub. Why, and whats happening??

Which procedure?

You may have to first update the diagnostic tool before you can do a reset. To update the tool go to this URL, using the appropriate IP address for your hub.

http://[Your Hub IP]/hub/cloud/updateDiagnosticTool

Then do the following:

  1. Reset Zigbee Radio from Settings -> Zigbee
  2. Reset the Z-Wave Radio from Settings -> Z-Wave
  3. Do a Soft Reset without restoring a backup
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See Bobby's message at the bottom of this thread. Since you are keeping the hub, you don't need to re-register it.


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