Full Local Backup including Zigbee and Zwave settings

I'm aware there is a plan to provide a cloud hub protection service. However, is there a plan to provide full offline local backups including zwave and zigbee settings? Can we get this feature?

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I can’t recall if they’ve said this might eventually happen in some fashion, you’d have to look back closely through some of the prior announcement threads and the subsequent discussions they generated.

But since they presumably want to benefit from the revenue generated by this optional service, if I were them I would not rush to offer this.

While it’s not the only benefit of the hub protection service, for now at least its essentially the core feature (a backup that includes both z-radio databases, I mean).

It wouldn’t make much sense to cannibalize the hub protection service before it’s even released by committing to full local backups including the radios, unless perhaps a local copy of the backup was to eventually become part of the protection service?

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HE claims full backup out of the box, but it is not really a full backup. Restoring apps to a new hub is pretty much useless if you need to provision all z-devices from scratch. I would really like to have this feature as I could manually backup my entire hub.

There is not.

This will only be available via the hub protection service.

This topic has been fully discussed in another thread.


Will we be able to copy the cloud backup and store locally on our PC? Would I be able to discontinue the cloud service, but yet be able to restore from the local backup in the distant future in the event of a major hub failure? I realize incremental app/device changes would be lost over time. Thanks for the insights.

I’m not sure they really claimed this in the past. Perhaps.

But at this time on the hubitat website at least, there’s a pretty clear footnote that backups don’t include the radios.


No, this will not be a supported feature at release.

Isn't this pretty much asking for the benefit of a paid service without having to pay for it? Like, can't I have this service for free?


I was really hoping for local as well. I have a hub in a remote cabin with shoddy internet at best. I am just not sure a cloud solution will work here.

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Yes that’s my interpretation as well :man_shrugging:.

How about providing a cloud service that requires a one time charge when conducting a full backup including z-devices settings? I'm sure many others would pay this one time charge even if it means potentially losing incremental device/app changes... In fact, it would be interesting to see how profitable the one time backups are compared to reoccurring subscriptions services. This about giving the customer options.. Perhaps it would be most profitable for HE to provide both options?

I don't think it has to be read that way.

IIRC, there are three main functions of the HPS: full/total backups, cloud storage of those backups, and the hub replacement plan. I think it's reasonable for a person to evaluate the utility and perceived value separately for each. And I think it's fair for a person to say "hey, only this one thing has utility to me, can I get it separately?" And since that one thing is a pure (I'm guessing) software function (i.e. something that would have no recurring hard costs,) I also think it's fair to ask if it will be added to the software package in the future, without coming across as a mooch.

I think it's also fair for the business to say "that's not how we are planning to go to market."


There are unaddressed security issues with using a downloaded copy of the backups. These may be addressed in the future, but downloading or restoring radio backups to/from a PC won't be supported in the initial release of the service.


I think it's very understandable that they'd like to set up an annuity service with reasonably dependable future income streams. It's what the industry is doing across the board, and this is nothing out of the ordinary. I'm very hopeful that they price this so reasonably that it's just a no-brainer for most everybody to say yes. Helps lock Hubitat customers into the ecosystem while increasing reliability and flexibility, and provides steady income stream to Hubitat. Win-win, IMHO.


there could be different versions of the cloud service.. for example. 1 is not really cloud but will backup to local, and then a full cloud where everything is stored actualy in the cloud.

That was my point earlier in the thread. The value in the service is that things are automatically backed up, whereas the backup to PC is manual. Why not provide both to customers? I'm sure some would pay for the automatic backup in case of fire, tornado, etc.. But again, users need the option for full backup locally... There would be more risk in the local backup, but it would be free to users.

It depends on what HE and customers each view as the paid service. Is the "service" the data backup, the cloud storage of data, the replacement hardware, the ease-of-restore, or some combination?

One tremendous benefit that people seem to overlook of the Protection R^H Service is that it doesn't just backup data, but that it includes a hardware replacement.

From the point of view of a customer, a backup -- whether to the cloud or locally -- is useless without being able to restore that data onto a working hub. Another way of wording this is that, from the customer's point of view, that backup should be free and we pay for the hardware -- that's been HE's model until now, as evidenced by the free (and frequent, and tremendously appreciated) software updates.

From HE's point of view, they are betting (same as an insurance company selling a policy) that the vast majority of Protection R^H Service customers will not need replacement hardware, so those subscriptions are a stream of income (less the negligible hosting costs, development costs, account management overhead, processing fees, etc).

In fact, if the full backup was only available locally, with no extended warranty on the hub itself, then HE would see greater profit per customer in the first 1~2 years for the very small number of customers who need to purchase a replacement hub in the event of failure post-90-days in order to restore their local backup than if those same customers had signed up for the service.

If every HE owner chose this route, there wouldn't be a revenue stream from subscriptions and overall income would be down, but that's a very unlikely choice.

So, what will the price be and will it include multiple hubs tied to a single account? Or will this be billed per hub?


I did not see any price info.

Well, that’s because it’s not available yet, but see: