FS: Various EU frequency Z-Wave stuff in the UK

Shameless plug for some EU frequency Z-Wave stuff I'm listing on eBay at the moment - astalasagna on eBay

I'm in the UK and shipping to the UK or Europe via eBay Global Shipping Program.

Lots more to add over the coming weeks as I'm clearing out my spares room so worth bookmarking and checking back frequently!

Do the Aeontec DSB05 multisensors play nicely with HE?

Hey Rob,

Thanks for your interest, afraid I've never tried one in HE (I don't use HE for Z-Wave, just ZigBee).

The Wiki seems to list them though but it's not specific on the version - Compatible Devices Wiki

They did work under SmartThings though - SmartThingsPublic/devicetypes/smartthings/aeon-multisensor.src at master 路 SmartThingsCommunity/SmartThingsPublic 路 GitHub

At worst I would think you could port the ST device handler across?

Thanks, I've ordered a couple :smiley:

Nice, thanks for that, loads more stuff still to list (more went on today) so shout if you have any questions.

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BTW, they arrived today, which was a nice surprise - I wasn't expecting them until Wednesday.

Took a while to get them excluded - I think I was holding the button down for too long, but they're working nicely now.

That's great, thanks for letting me know!

Did they work in HE with the built in drivers?

I couldn't get the motion sensing to work with the built-in driver, but it works just fine with one of the community drivers - it may just have been quite long time outs with the built-in driver.

I'll investigate the other available drivers once I've got them mounted outdoors.

Hi Rob,
I have two of the AEON DSB05 multisensors I took off VeraPlus and trying to get working with the HE. The HE recognizes the device then just sits there "initializing".
Any advice?

I use @csteele's driver from https://raw.githubusercontent.com/HubitatCommunity/AeotecMultiSensor6/master/AeotecMultisensor6.groovy

Pretty sure there's a topic around here for that, but can't locate it at the moment.

Thank you :+1:

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Thought I'd bump this topic as a reminder I still have loads of Z-Wave EU stuff listed on eBay currently .... also all sorts of other Smart Home / Home Automation and general IT related gear.

Garage & loft clear out is going well, I can almost fit a car in the garage now!


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