FS: Lots of Z-Wave Dimmers, Switches, and Fan Controls (ALL SOLD)


**edit 3/27/19 - everything is sold

1x Zooz Zen22 ver2.0 Z-Wave Plus Dimmer $15

3x GE 12724 Z-Wave Dimmers $15 each

1x GE 14294 Z-Wave Plus Dimmer $30

2x GE 12722 Z-Wave Switches $20 each (both are 16xx date codes)

3x GE 12730 Z-Wave Fan Controls $20 each

Original post:

I'm in the process of converting from Z-Wave Dimmers and Switches to Lutron Caseta. Selling the stuff I've removed so far. There will be more coming in the next 2-3 months as well. Everything is in good working condition.

Here is what is currently available. I'll keep these numbers updated as things are either sold or as I remove more of them.

1x Zooz Zen22 ver2.0 Z-Wave Plus Dimmer $25

10x GE 12724 Z-Wave Dimmers $25 each
All sold, will have more after next round of replacements

6x GE 12722 Z-Wave Switches $10 each
All sold for now, will have more after I do my next round of replacements
- Note - I have had a handful of the 15xx date code switches fail with a blinking blue LED. Apparently this is a common problem due to age. All of the ones I have available were working when I removed them (already tossed the bad ones), but please be aware that it's a possibility that they will fail in the future. This possibility is reflected in the price.

5x GE 12723 Add-On Switches $15 each
All sold

Pics below

Zooz Zen22 Dimmer

GE 12724 Dimmers

GE 12722 Switches

GE 12723 Add-On Switches




More GE devices available...see first post


Bump, added 8 fan controls...


TTT....still have 1 Zooz dimmer, 3 GE dimmers, and 6 GE fan controls available.


Bump for price drops...want these gone!


3 times I hit the reply button, 3 times I hit cancel. 4th time the charm. How much for the (6) GE 12730'S shipped intact to FL? If I could have figured out how to PM, I would have!


If you take all of them I'll cover the shipping. So...$120 total. Sending PM.


All dimmers are sold. 5 fan controls remaining.


3 fan controls left


Free shipping for someone if they buy all 3 remaining fan controls.


Do you still have these fan controls?


Everything is sold, sorry.

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