FS: Aeon Minimotes (qty 4) with spare batteries



I am selling a set of 4 Aeon Minimotes in good working condition. These are the version with the numbered buttons. Full disclosure, I'm selling because I've had issues with them staying connected to HE. They have become unresponsive a couple times, requiring a force remove and re-add. Never had a problem with them on ST.

When I bought these, one wouldn't hold a charge. I was able to find a set of 5 replacement batteries on eBay, swapped the bad one out successfully. There's still 4 spare batteries left that I haven't used, will include these with the sale.

Looking to get $75 shipped OBO for the set of 4.


Price dropped, open to offers...


Can you exclude devices with them?


Yep, they work great for that.


I'm a low baller lol


Fair enough. What do you have in mind?


I will send PM


I forgot to leave a feedback here.

Chris was very responsible and shipped the items fast. Thanks.

Now the negative part, items not as described:

This is not happening to me or to my friend yet....


:rofl: my stomach started to drop at first...uhhhhh...

Glad they are working well for you! :grin::tada:


:rofl: Happy New Year!


You too :sunglasses: