Front door motion Rule Stopped working

I have the following rule to trigger lights and colors when motion is Active at night. I had issues with storms triggering this often so I set it with a Private Boolean. Recently it stopped working properly

It will trigger and lights will turn on and change colors. But. It stays stuck like that and does not revert back to previous setting or turn off when motion is inactive.

Did you intend to post a snapshot of the rule you've set up?

...bob t

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Sorry. I forgot to add it.

It’s is now added.

Your PB is currently false - is that intentional?

Every now & then, I have a PB that ends up in the wrong state for whatever reason... I have a rule that runs a 3:00am nightly refresh on some devices and I added a command in that rule to set my applicable PBs to "True" -- that way, they are for sure ready-to-rock the next day in case any of them were goofy prior.

Hydro311 has a better handle on the issue that I do (haven't considered using a Private Boolean, so far). . .

I'd have tried something else, if I understood. To thwart lightning from triggering the motion sensor, the first thing that comes to my mind is to see if I could have motion detected for 10 or so seconds before triggering (or .25 min if used in Room Lighting).

Just thinking out loud. . (thinking out loud invites feedback on questionable notions - I've got many of those [g]).

...bob t

I have the required expression as " Private Boolean True" with Sunset to Sunrise

I guess could have done it the other way but this was my first attempt at this type of set up. I do not get much traffic at front door at night so i am not sure how long this has not worked properly. A spider web trigger this the other night and i noticed it wasn't resetting properly.

I am open to better ideas that will keep this rule from having any issues.

Looing for motion to be sensed at night and with a timeout after motion is active and the rule has completed its run.

The time out is for stormy nights, which Texas hasn't has many of lately. LOL

Right - I think you're PB setup itself (w/in the rule) looks fine... But in your screenshot above, the PB is currently "false" (in the Reqd Expression), so that's making the whole Reqd Expression false which would prevent the rule from firing.

So my question is -- Should the PB be false right now, or should it be True?

Do you have logging turn on for this rule? If so, it would be helpful to see this. @hydro311 is correct in that your picture shows the PB as being false, which would prevent it from activating again. With logging, it would show where your rule is getting "stuck" and not completing. Based on your initial post, the colors are not going to Warm White and then their original color? If so, that tells me that your wait and stay for 2 minutes isn't triggering which would prevent the rest of the rule from running. Only the logs would confirm this part.

If they are turning back, then it is the Wait for Event at the end that is causing the issue. If I had to guess, a new motion is being triggered during that wait period, but with the PB being false, everything is being skipped and it ends up "skipping/cancelling" the Wait for 30 minutes and this prevents PB from turning back to true. I've seen this in my own rules and I'm not sure if it is intended behavior or a bug.

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Your correct. I took them screen shot while it should have been in the 30 minute time out.
Here is a screen shot as it sits right not. It’s daytime of course.

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