Front door does not lock when we both leave

Been trying to get this working for too long.

Made a rule that if the front door is closed, and we both leave, the front door will lock

Tom and Lynn are ‘virtual presence’.

Tom’s iPhone and Lynn’s iPhone are ‘mobile app device’

I made the rule look at Tom and Lynn for presence detection which didn’t work even though HE sees we are both gone and the front door is closed.
Changed the rule to look at Tom’s iPhone and Lynn’s iPhone instead which didn’t work

Made a dashboard showing all 4 presence sensors, the front door lock, and the contact sensors on all exterior doors. The basement door sensor and the patio door sensor are not part of any rule.

All 4 presence sensors show away and the front door is closed yet the front door did not lock.

I deleted and remade the rule thinking it was corrupt.

The hub has been shutdown and disconnected from power for a few minutes.

The geofences are both set to as small as possible.

Both iPhones are running the latest iOS and have been shut down and restarted several times.

I have waited for the lock to lock, finally commanding it to close through the app from miles away.

We use Life360 and the Connector app states all is well.

This used to work. I am missing something that is either obscure or obvious.

I changed the required expression to Tom and Lynn both leave and I changed the trigger event to front door contact closed grasping at ideas.

There's a presence bug in rule machine that I brought up in this thread. Maybe this is related to your problem. Try removing one of the presence devices and see if it fires.

Teaches me to search before asking. Your link to the link is the solution. Explains why it used to work.

I have another rule that locks the front door when I leave and my wife is home. That runs correctly.

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I'm not sure if you can handle the contact sensor in basic rules but the presence rules do work there as a work around until they get it fixed.

Check out Presence Plus (in Hubitat Package Manager and here [RELEASE] Presence Plus - Creates a combined presence device). You can create a combined presence for "Tom & Lynn".


Thank you. I will install it now.

I had the same issue, so I set up rule machine to send 2 lock commands 5 seconds apart, which seems to have fixed it for me.