Frient SPLZB-134

I have a C8 and am trying to add a frient SPLZB-134 outlet.
If I pair normally the device is discovered but is added as a generic zigbee outlet and if I try and change the driver to the frient driver there isn't one for the outlet in the list. If I try and add the device by brand the device doesn't get discovered.
Can anyone help me get this device added with the correct driver?

I don't have one of these but I'm wondering if the Generic Zigbee Outlet is not working? I looked at the Frient site and it sure seems like "generic" would fit the device. :slight_smile: Other than it is tiny in comparison to the wall-wart outlets I'm used to. Not very "generic" in size :smiley:

This has more functionality than the generic driver can provide. It also does power monitoring. There obviously is a built in driver somewhere as it is listed if I select it from the list if pairing by Brand. It's kust that this fails to pair. If I pair as normal it is found by only asa generic zigbee outlet. If I try and change the driver the frient driver is not in the list of available drivers.

Ah ok, built in driver not finished yet..Need to add the Tuya ZigBee Monitoring Plug driver from package manager.

I have several Iris 3210-L Zigbee Outlet that use the generic zigbee outlet driver and I get power (Watt) values:

Screenshot 2023-09-23 at 10.01.54 AM

The Tuya driver also works for the Iris :smiley:

Screenshot 2023-09-23 at 10.06.21 AM

Yes but the generic driver doesn't show total kwh which the frient can do and does with the previously mentioned driver.

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