Frient HMSZB-110 Humidity & WISZB-120 Door Pro sensors

Why can't I adjust the reporting of these sensors? I would like 0.5C change on the temperature and 1% on humidity.

Have you tried the Generic Zigbee Motion/Humidity sensor driver? Change to it, click save, then click configure to see if it works...

Temp is reporting every 10mins and humidity every 1% which is fine but I set it to 5%

Then the device isn't respecting the reporting parameter configurations

I see, another badly developed zigbee device. I guess the tech docs from Develco are worthless.

This has not been my experience so far...

The documents do allude to these being configurable, I can take a look and see what's going on via a sniffer.

Its quite possible that these are 'deep sleeping' Zigbee devices, i.e. they do not listen for any incoming commands until the device awakes (contact closes, humidity changes rapidly, etc..).

@djashones - click on the Save preferences button at the same time, when you wake up the device.
Or pair it again to HE (without deleting it).

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Only if it interests you. I'm going to replace it with a Aerq sensor. I have far less issues with zwave.

Yup, I click save and press the button to wake the device. This sensor does the same thing on zigbee2mqtt as well.

The docs states:
Default reporting is set to
Min reporting interval: 60 sec
Max reporting interval: 600 sec
Reportable Change: 3.0% RH

But it reports 1% change only out of the box.

The inbuild drivers for these devices will have reporting configuration options in the next platform release.
Please note that in order for the configurations to be applied the device needs to be woken up by pressing the internal button just prior to saving the preference settings.