Frient (Develco) HSMZB-110 Temperature / Humidity Sensor


I'm a new user in the Hubitat world, and I've got an issue with the HMSZB-110 T&H sensor from Frient (which appears to be a rebranded Develco device). My HE is a C7 and was purchased just over a week ago.

When adding the HMSZB-110, things start to look a little strange. The HE finds the device and adds it, but it seems some data is missing. For example, the manufacturer string and several other fields are set to null. The ZigBee Logging section of the HE is completely empty (strange, I have another device on the HE that works fine), I was hoping that it might shed some light on what was going on here.

This missing data presents an issue since the driver for the device (which comes from SmartThings) relies on the manufacturer data being present to properly detect that it's a Frient device.

There is also a secondary issue here of the com.hubitat.zigbee.Zigbee Groovy class not having a zigbee.RELATIVE_HUMIDITY_CLUSTER, but this really doesn't matter if the HE is unable to add the device properly right now.

I'm wondering if anyone else has this device, and if they were able to add it to the HE properly. Is this an intermittent issue that attempting to re-add the device a few times would fix? Is it an issue with the HE, or perhaps the device itself is simply faulty.

I'm awaiting delivery of a USB Zigbee device so I can sniff Zigbee to see what's really happening here, but it would be good to hear from anyone else who might have used these devices.


I don't think anyone has gotten samples of these devices to the Hubitat team in order for them to do the driver/integration work . . .


That's fair enough, I don't expect that Hubitat would have their own driver, but I would expect the HE to show the device information correctly since it's just a standard Zigbee HA device and the retrieval/parsing of that information seems to happen outside of the Groovy drivers.

I also don't understand why the HE Zigbee Logs are completely empty when there are definitely Zigbee events that it could be showing.

I'll try to update this with some more information when I can finally sniff the Zigbee traffic and see what the HE and HSMZB-110 are doing.

@mike.maxwell - I don't have the procedure for capturing the fingerprint. Would you please share it again so @zbdrv can get you the fingerprint of this new device? Thanks!

load the driver named Device, click the getInfo command, the fingerprint will be logged to the live logs.

Thanks Mike.

Thanks for the info on how to prod the device for this info.

At the moment, it looks like the HMSZB-110 doesn't respond at all, there's just the following in the log and nothing else:

getting info for unknown Zigbee device...

A different Frient device that currently works correctly responds with:

fingerprint profileId:"0104", endpointId:"02", inClusters:"0000,0702,0003,0009,0B04,0006,0004,0005,0002", outClusters:"0000,0019,000A,0003,0406", model:"SPLZB-134", manufacturer:"frient A/S"
ZCL version:01
Software Build Id:unknown
Manufacturer:frient A/S
getting info for unknown Zigbee device...

At the moment, it looks like the device may just be faulty if it's not replying to the getInfo command. Tomorrow, I should be able to see if it's trying to respond at all.

It appears this HMSZB-110 is either faulty or they just don't work correctly.

My first pairing of it with deCONZ seemed fine, the various clusters could be read and triggering things like "identification" (flashing the LED) worked fine. Subsequent pairings seemed to show the same results that were observed on the HE, an inability to respond to commands that were sent after the initial discovery. Couldn't read clusters, etc.

I haven't sniffed the traffic here at all, it seems pointless if deCONZ also cannot get a response out of the thing a lot of the time. I'm going to send this back and ask for a replacement just in case this single item is faulty, and I'll update this thread with more information once the replacement is here.

Just received a second Frient HMSZB-110 and it has the same issues as the first in both HE and deCONZ. Looks like these sensors are just broken right now.

Thanks for the help with this, all.

many Develco devices use their own Zigbee profile (ie not ZHA 1.2 or Zigbee 3.0)

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