Fridge Freezer rule

After losing my food in my garage freezer this week from the kids leaving the freezer door open and I didnt find it until the next morning and lost $300+ worth of food/meat, I decided to get a few temp sensors to add to my system to prevent this. I added them into the freezer and they seem to be working reporting the temps just fine, however I'm in the process of setting up the rules and with the help of another thread I think i got it setup. However I want it to repeat the notification to announce on the alexa every 10 minutes if its still over temp. What do I need to add at the end to repeat the notification or is this rule enough that it checks every 10 minutes?

appreciate the help. I also have a fridge with the same rule setup but just at different temp of >45

You'll need a repeat in your actions using any of the valid formats documented here: Rule 5.1 | Hubitat Documentation

What I'd do is replace the actions you have now with something like:

Repeat While Temperature > 32
  Notify/Speak: "Temperature is high, etc."

(I'm using 32 here to match what you have in the trigger and required expression, which you've correctly done here to make everything start only when this specific threshold is crossed -- once, until it does again. You may want to turn on the "cancel pending actions when required expression becomes false" option just to avoid whatever oddity might happen if it does cross this threshold more than once and in 10 minutes.)

Normally, I'd also suggest the Notifications app instead, but I think it's a bit too simple for your specific needs (it will "trigger" on each temperature event, not just crossing your threshold, so repeats may come more often than every 10 minutes, even if you give it that interval, if your sensor reports more frequently--but it could come close if you don't mind).

Ok let me give it a try. I added what you mentioned and ill see if it works.

Actions for Garage Silver Freezer Open			+	

Wait for event: 
 --> elapsed time: 0:10:00
IF (Temperature of Garage Upright Freezer(81.3) is > 32.0(T) [TRUE]) THEN
	Notify Pushover and Speak on Echo - Daddy's Echo, Echo - Bathroom echo, Echo - Kitchen Echo, Echo - FRONT DOOR ECHO(volume: 90): 'Garage Silver Freezer has high temperature. Close the Freezer door.'
	While (Temperature of Garage Upright Freezer(81.3) is > 32.0(T) [TRUE]) Repeat every 0:10:00

Also if the device isn't reporting a temperature at all would this trigger the rule to go off or should I create another rule to let me know the device hasn't reported in say the last 4 hours to check or replace the battery.

Without an event, there won't be a trigger. But that should only matter if the device is already in that state when you create the rule (which looks like an abnormal situation so hopefully isn't the case!).

If you're concerned about the device "falling off" for some reason, there's an app for that. :smiley: Or a few. I wrote one, which I think is the only one being maintained anymore: [RELEASE] Device Activity Check - Get notifications for "inactive" devices. However, there are other options, or if yours reliably reports specific actual events and not just "last activity," a rule could certainly work. (But if the temperature normally hovers around the same value, depending on your device's reporting configuration -- with some actually user-configurable and others not -- it may not actually send/generate events on the hub.)

Thanks for that.

I'm still having issues with the notification repeating but ill work on it more tomorrow. It plays fine the first time but does not repeat.

You need to move the "Notify Pushover..." action down so it is between the "While (Temperature..." and "END-REP" actions

I use temperature sensors in my freezers as well.

I use rule machine so that if the freezer temperature exceeds 4 degrees F and stays that way for 20 minutes, my Ecolink siren/chime will announce "The freezer has malfunctioned, the freezer has malfunctioned". That announcement is the end of the rule, so it resets. If the condition is not corrected, 20 minutes later the announcement will be repeated, continuing until the condition is corrected or the sensor battery fails.

How will this rule ever execute when the Required Expression and Trigger are opposite? The freezer temp can never be both <=32 and >32 simultaneously.

Also from a practical perspective, many freezers operate at 0 F or below. By the time it gets to 32 F, it may be too late if you cannot correct the issue immediately. I have my trigger set much lower like 10 or 15 F so i have time to investigate and correct.

I have a similar rule. For my freezer it will go over 20 when it runs the defrost cycle so I have the trigger being:

Only then do my repeating alerts start.


Thats good to know thanks. Thats why I set mine at 32 for now until I can see what temps are reported from the freezer for a false alarm. It has the defrost also so didnt know how high up it would go.

To get a handle on that I wrote this rule to build me a log of readings once the temp exceeded 15 degrees.

I use Quick Chart to both capture temperature data to a file and generate charts. No need for any custom rules.

i use the notification app. much simpler and what it was designed to do..

You can do the same in a Hubitat Safety Manager (HSM) custom rule:

I mentioned Notifications above and don't think it will do exactly what was specified, though it may come close in some cases. The HSM rule above also won't: the displayed option maxes notifications out at one per 15 minutes, no matter how many events come in during that time, but that won't make it repeat every 15 minutes (only if an event happens 15 minutes later).

the notification rule is the same as using rule machine and using "stays that way" it will keep notifying per your time repeat as long as "the condition is still true"

The difference is that

This is partly due to the fact that Notifier lets you choose either "only once within this number of minutes" or "Repeat notifications?" but not both. Additionally, with a repeat, you need "Stop repeat on next event" to make it match the described rule, which means it will start over every time a new temperature report that matches the criterion is received (not just the first time).

Again, it may come close, depending on how the sensor reports. I'm all for suggesting built-in apps when they handle the request. :smiley: But for the reasons I mentioned originally, a rule is, I think, the best way to get exactly what was asked for.

(Also, I didn't use "stays" in my rule, but perhaps others did...)