FREE: Trane TZEMT400BB3NX Z-wave thermostat

I bought this long ago and never used it. New in box. It's Z-wave (not plus) and (unlike what the box says) does not need a Nexia subscription.

This is free. Just pay shipping.

I know it would have worked with SmartThings, and so I presume it works with Hubitat as a generic Z-wave thermostat.


Identical to these:

If it's anything like my Trane thermostat, it can act as a zwave hub, but if you join it to Hubitat, none of the functions are exposed and it's not controllable. It can act as a repeater, but I had issues with that so I removed it from my network.

I got this because it is able to act as a generic Z-wave thermostat. This doesn't have a hub in it; you can see in the manual (page 13) there is a section about doing an inclusion of this device into a Nexia bridge/hub.

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Lowered the price to FREE - just pay shipping. I just have this sitting in the box of unused things and I'm trying to clear some stuff out.

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Hi, new member here. Will it work with the hubitat? any issues?
If it works I'll take it. Paypal for the shipping?
Thanks, Jim

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PM sent.

Part of what I said to jtg:

It should work with Hubitat as a controllable Z-wave thermostat. Mine is brand new - never taken out of the box. I've no experience with it.

If you are a new user and not experienced with things, I'd suggest you think through using this. This is only Z-wave, not Z-wave plus. I bought this before Z-wave plus was widely available. There are much better options available now. (I personally went with ecobee shortly after I bought this, but too long that the return period ended)

I do just want this gone, but I want someone taking it to understand what they are getting. And I don't care if someone takes it just to sell on ebay.

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