Free memory characteristics

Just a very general question. I do not have any current problems with my Free memory (as least that I am aware of) and currently have my hub set to auto-reboot at 175kb which gives me approximately 27 - 30 days or so of run time before the auto re-boot kicks in. Just curious as to why the free memory drops very quickly within a couple hours to the first day after reboot, then seems to pretty much level off after a couple of days of use (declining at a relatively low rate of decay for the remainder of the month). Again, as a non-computer guy, just curious as to the reasons why this is the case. Sorry if this is a noob question.

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I'm guessing most of the reasons relate to implementation details that are unlikely to ever be fully public, but my assumption has always been something related to some sort of caching or compilation that may happen at either startup or on first execution of a particular app or driver after restarting. Also, there are likely some platform processes that happen only at restart. In short, the hub is doing a lot at and shortly after that time, then the amount of work has to do tapers off--as does the associated rate of increase in used RAM.


Makes intuitive sense to me. Thanks.