Free Bing Maps API = Nice Live Traffic Dashboard Tile

I'm sure this has been done in the past; but after a quick search here I did not see anything, so I figured I would share (again?) for posterity.

This was super quick to set up, free of charge (with a usage limit), no credit card, and looks great. I still have yet to test it's accuracy.. but I do like the visual.

This is a live traffic map created from the Bing Maps API:

I took the idea from a SharpTools user HERE.

How to Create

  1. Create a free Bing Maps API developer key. This can be done HERE.

  2. Once logged in and verified, find the "Create a new Key" option.

  3. Fill in the key details:

    • Application Name: I used "Hubitat"
    • Application URL: (Leave Blank)
    • Key Type: (Leave at "Basic")
    • Application Type: Change to "Website"
  4. The application will be added, and the key will be available on the next screen. Click "Show Key" and copy/paste the key for later use.

  5. Now, open the Bing Maps Maker webpage.

    1. Paste the API Key from step 4 into the "API Key" input field.
    2. Enter the latitude and longitude coordinates into the "Location" field.
      • Easily find your desired latitude and longitude coordinates by using THIS TOOL.
    3. Adjust zoom, width and height as needed.
    4. BE SURE to enable the "Show Traffic" option. Otherwise.. what are we doing here??
    5. The "Map Type" can be altered using a few options. Play around and use what you like.
    6. Finally, copy the "Request" section of the code (the top one in the list).
  6. Back in Hubitat, add a new tile, select the "image" template and paste the html copied from the last part of step 5 into the "Image URL" field. I recommend setting the "Refresh Interval" to 300 or higher (see below note).

The free developer API allows for 125K free calls per year.
There are 525,600 minutes in a year.
Dividing, we can make a call every 4.2 minutes and remain on the free plan.
I would suggest setting the "Refresh Interval" in the tile NO LOWER than 300 (five minutes).
This will update the tile every five minutes; while remaining under the usage limit.


Very nice write up. Thanks for sharing!

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