Free Aqara Leak Sensors


Opening this back up again. I managed to get hold on a number of untested leak sensors for nothing. I am giving them away to you lovely UK people. You just have to cover my P&P costs. PM me. First come first served

Disclaimer - I won't be giving a single person all the sensors


Hi Shane,

sounds great, I'd happily take one. Any chance you'd send one to Germany, e.g. by Royal Mail International Tracked & Signed (£6.90) - could send the money via PayPal Friend.


You have a PM.

Thanks for sharing

Very nice of you to do this !
I'm just about to remove the very last aqara product from my mesh. I did my best, only buying compatible repeaters and still had issues. That said, there are people using them without issue, I am not one of them, unfortunately.

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I removed them from my Hubitat setup and added to homeassistant via zigbee2mqtt - they have all been rock solid. I push updates to hubitat via node-red. It’s a hassle to set up - but had zero issues with them since. I wouldn’t set up homeassistant just for this, but I have a HA instance running for the occasional oddball integration anyway.

It’s odd. There must be maximum distances and channels they prefer when joined directly the HE. I’ve had very good luck with the leak sensors for two years. Relatively close the the hub. Compatible repeaters (Two IKEA TRÅDFRI outlets and one IKEA TRÅDFRI repeater) and channel 13. The leak sensors are the only directly paired Xiaomi devices that have never dropped.