FR: Set Homekit device type?

Nice job on the native homekit integration, now I need one less plugin in homebridge!

One nice thing would be an ability to set the homekit device type in hubitat so we don't have to set it in homekit, and if we for some reason need to reset our homekit config, we wouldn't need to set things like device types again in the homekit GUI. Is it possible for you to do so on your side in hubitat?

Ex: Let us set an outlet type to 'fan' or 'light'. An ability to set the default homekit icon too would be cool.

Another nice feature would be the ability to set the default room that a device gets added to to correspond with the hubitat room, so we don't have to move all the devices in homekit from the homekit room we put the bridge in.

Another piece of feedback is the ability to add multiple devices at once to homekit vs. locking the UI every time you add a device. Would make a initial set up a bit less tedious overall.

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