Fourth of July lighting animations and my C-5 hub

I had a small July 4th get-together. Put together some lighting animations (using the new Color Animations app) that ran for a few hours. Here's what happened to my C-5 while the animations were running:

Temperature jumped up. CPU use spiked (sorry, it is off scale). And free memory dropped.

When everyone left, and I turned off the lighting animation, everything returned to baseline .... clearly, these hubs can take a licking and keep on ticking.

Current uptime on my C-5 is 13.5 days. The last reboot was to install platform


It certainly can. These hubs are very flexible and powerful

This is one of the reasons I like Govee though. The flexibility with light effects is amazing now that we have scenes working with Lan Controlled devices. And it is just one command from the hub to each device.

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Sounds like what I'll be using in the next house.

Here are my 4th of july outside lights.

It consists of 2 sets of Outdoor LED Strip Lights (H6172), 1 Outdoor Ground Lights, and 1 Smart Curtain lights.

Only the Smart Curtain lights don't support Lan Control right now.