Four Channel Remote HE C7 LED Bulb Annunciator R1

Project: Four Channel Remote HE C7 LED Bulb Annunciator R1

Part I

My home is somewhat large, with two stories. I needed a "remote", RF, LED Bulb annuciator to show critcal home automation visual alerts and statuses instantly, in other distance rooms in my home. Having a quick visual of my home status from this "Remote Four Channel LED Annunciator"
from the HE C7 Hub is great and very less time consuming by always checking my HE dashboard.
Other family members find this remote LED annunciator very convenient since they don't have an available tablet or mobile device. Since HE C7 has two built-in RF radios (Zigbee and Z-Wave) then this project was somewhat quite easy to design and build from off the shelf products.

Project features:

  1. Four Zigbee annunciator channels using color, plugable, automotive 194 LEDs.
  2. Very portable, annunciator enclosure can be easily placed on a table, shelf or mounted on a
    wall with picture hangers.
  3. Loud, 80 Db Piezo buzzer with enclosure mount buzzer with SPST on/off switch used only on
    channel 1 for critical "red" alerts.
  4. HE C7 hub can send RF Zigbee alerts to remote rooms located at long distances from HE C7
  5. Optional, stylish pocket keychain fob used to control LED annunciator channel(s) for channel
    On or Off function control.
  6. Flexible and fast reconfiguration of all of the annunciator color bulbs and positions and Zigbee
    HE C7 alerts.
  7. Four #194 automotive (@ 12 VDC 1 watt - 10 watt Halogen equivalent) color LEDs used for very
    bright, 360 degree visual annunication.
  8. Very economical - ~ $10 $USD per annunciator channel.
  9. Stylish annunciator enclosure with plastic globe and remote keyfob passed with two thumbs
    up test by the wife.
  10. No HE C7 dashboard needed and this saves buying extra mobile devices and tablets for the
  11. Low cost and easy to DIY build. ~ < $30 USD "BareBones" or the upgraded model ~ < $45 USD.
    (without the optional keyfob and stylish globe addition)
  12. 194 automotive LEDs rated 50,000 hours. ( ~ 2083 days) If used only a few hours a day -
    decades use is possible.
  13. Critical pre-morning calendar alerts - doctor's appointments, dentist's appointments, friends,
    family birthdays & anniversaries. Resets daily at night.
  14. Normal pre-morning calendar alerts - Federal/State holidays, events like art festivals, fairs,
    exhibits. Resets daily at night.
  15. Tornado alert using "open weather" App - will also trigger channel 1 (if programmed) with the
    80 Db Piezo sounder.
  16. Critical "red alert" on channel 1 for PIR motion, perimeter zone, nighttime breach. The "wake
    the dead" 80 Db Piezo sounder will sound if panel switch is enabled/on.
  17. All user calendar data is safe guarded by embedded it into the "local" HE C7 Hub. (External, c
    cyberspace, Google calendar is NOT used!)
  18. All solid state - will last for years!

My Home Four Channel Remote HE C7 LED Bulb Annunciator Configuration:
Channel 1 Red LED alert - for PIR home perimeter zone monitoring (used only at night).
Channel 2 Blue LED alert - for severe outside "open weather" alerts - Tornados weather alert is
priority #1 along with severe low/high temps. and windspeeds.
Channel 3 Amber LED alert - for daily upcoming very important calendar birthdays, anniversaries,
doctor & dentist appointments and events.
Channel 4 Green LED alert - for daily upcoming (non-critical) calendar Federal/State holidays and
local events.

Operation of my Four Channel Remote HE C7 LED Bulb Annunciator:
My remote placement, of the Four Channel Remote HE C7 LED Bulb Annuciator, is in the master bedroom far away from HE C7 Hub. Used mainly for late night operation and early morning wakeup calender/event heads-up pre-notifications.

When Channel 1 Red LED alert comes on (with PIEZO buzzer) from a perimeter PIR zone monitoring breach at nightime beween the hours of 12 AM to 4 AM. I will know to get (in order) "THE DOG", The Shotgun and call the EMS, the Coroner or Police last.
Note: Hubitat HE C7 is not used for security. Another system provides status indication for this zone security breach.
When Channel 2 Blue LED alert comes on (with PIEZO buzzer & channel 1) Head for the basement for protection from tornados or bundle up for severe, extreme outside "open weather" alerts.
When Channel 3 Amber LED alert comes on to "jog my memory" for daily, early upcoming important calendar birthdays, anniversaries and upcoming doctor & dentist appointments. (resets daily) Birthdays and anniversaries are yearly repeating then setting a calendar flag will repeat the events yearly.(forever)
When Channel 4 Green LED alert comes on to "jog my memory" for daily, early, upcoming non-critical calendar holidays and local special events. (resets daily) Federal Holidays are also repeating!

To reset the annunciator - there are four ways. Using the Fibaro stylish (Z-wave) FIBARO KeyFob remote or just unplug/plug in the power wart or install a momentary NC pushbutton switch in series with the input power (positive) supply or use your mobile device.

Testing reveals no issues receiving 4 Zibgee channels from HE C7 hub ~ 100 feet away. Will update on any project issues.
Cost - DIY BareBones ~ < $30 USD and $45 for professional enclosure. Cost does not include the optional plastic dome and the remote control, stylish keyfob.

Next - Part II for DIYers.

Part II

A secondary remote annunciator (future - under construction) will have garage door open/close alert, USPS mail delivery alert, refrig. hi. temp./cracked door alert, sump pump hi. water level (basement flooding), kitchen sink water leak alert and also calender holiday/event alerts. Using these 4 channel color LED annunciators throughout my home, I can easily ascertain my
whole house automation status at one quick glance.

Due to this projects extreme flexibility, using these four LED light channels, with a loud 80 Db Piezo sounder/buzzer, other user applications can be constructed/reconstructed almost effortlessly just using HE C7 Hub user applications and the Zigbee radio.
Note: Hubitat INC. could farm out, to offshore places, and reduce this remote, Zigbee, 4 channel LED annunciator manufacturing cost by a least 50%-75%. Better yet - Hubitat INC. could add 6 "user programmable" panel mount color LEDs plus PIEZO / with on/off switch to a future new updated HE C7 Hub.
Even better - have it so the HE C7 Hub with panel LEDs and buzzer could be detached and re-attached to the local ethernet network for 100% local, standalone operation in a remote, long distant, location. (no Internet links will be used)

DIY Project Construction:
Using scrap parts (laying around) my cost was ~ < $45 USD without the optional pocket keychain keyfob and stylish globe addition. Construction time less than two hours if you are somewhat handy with handtools. You need to be somewhat knowledgeable in enclosure plastic drilling and machining (6 holes), low voltage wiring, basic electronics, basic electrical wiring, HE programming, soldering, to complete this simple, low voltage project. No electrican required?
No soldering required if you use plastic terminal blocks for wiring.

DIYer very low cost "BareBones" no enclosure Four Channel Remote HE C7 LED Bulb Annunciator. Cost < $30 USD.
Find a scrap of 1/8" plywood and screw or RTV silicone mount the MHCOZY 4 Channel 12V ZigBee Relay Switch to it.
Obtain a +5 VDC USB power supply for the MHCOZY board - no other external power supply is needed! Solder two wires from the board
input USB +5 VDC power supply input for +5 VDC power/ground for the +5 VDC miniature, polarity sensitive Piezo/buzzer.
Check wiring polarity using a multimeter. Attach the +5 VDC power wire to the + Piezo thru the NO (normally open) relay contact and relay common, back to ground wire using only one annunciator channel. When the channel 1 is ON - the relay will also turn on the Piezo.

Barebones Operation:
All "BareBones" relay on/off status (all red LEDs - channels 1 - 4) can be easily seen on the MHCOZY 4 Channel 12V ZigBee Relay Switch board. To reset an activated channel and optional buzzer (turned ON and latched by HE), just push/toggle the associated channel/relay
momentary pushbutton channel switch to off. (Tac switches are located on board - see enclosed schematic)

DIYers - The following parts were a quick estimate since I used mostly, on hand, old Radio Shack parts for my project. Due to inflation, nowdays, this project cost is probably now much higher and through careful vendor parts selections could reduce the cost somewhat. If too expensive, just use the very low cost, non enclosure "barebones" version above.

Project Parts:
[Qty.] [Description] [Vendor]

 Special automotive high power wedge bulb 194 LEDs  

4 194 LED 3.25" wedge bulb (COB) @ 360 degree, 12-14 vdc @ 1W ---SuperbrightLEDs
194 LED bulb colors available: red, purple, amber, green & blue --- Any Auto Store
194 LED bulb colors used: red, blue, amber and green.
Please note: All LED 194 wedge bulbs are polarity sensitive!
If they don't work just turn them around or flip them.
83 ma. x 4 = 0.332 amps - For power supply sizing.
Note: As a low cost substitute discrete LEDs and dropping
resistors could also be used. LEDs produce narrow light
beams compared to the 194 LEDs.

4 3.25" wedge bulb socket with pigtails ---SuperbrightLEDs
For 194 wedge bulbs above and easy enclosure mounting. ---Any Auto Store

1 Chanzon 12V 2A UL Listed 24W AC DC Switching Power Supply Adapter
(Input 100-240V, Output 12 Volt 2 Amp) Wall Wart Transformer
Charger for DC12V CCTV Camera LED Strip Light
(6Ft Cord, 24 Watt Max) ---Amazon

1 QMseller SFM-27 DC 3-24V Electronic Buzzer Alarm Sounder
Continuous Sound Beep. (15 ma.) Note: Applying tape to
help muffle the loud sound will do the trick. ---Amazon

1 MHCOZY 4 Channel 12V ZigBee Relay Switch with Clean Contact ---Amazon
It's a steal at $23 and can be easily used for other
He C7 applications. Please Note - I do not work for Amazon,
SuperbrightLEDs and for the Chinese company MHCOZY!
No financial gain here!

1 Junction Box, Zulkit Project Box Waterproof Dustproof
IP65 Universal Electrical Boxes Enclosure with Fixed Ear
Black 4.5 x 3.5 x 2.2 inch (115 x 90 x 55 mm)(Pack of 1) ---Amazon
Should fit MHCOZY PCB?

1 Optional - FIBARO KeyFob Remote, Z-Wave Plus Scene
Controller, FGKF-601, White (Very stylish) ---Amazon

1 Panel Mount SPST switch for enclosure - any style will do.
User choice. Use for Piezo on/off switch. ---Amazon

1 4 Inch DIY Clear Plastic Water Globe Snow Globe with Screw ---Amazon
Off Cap-Great for DIY Crafts - For optional stylish project
upgrade. Please note: The LEDs enclosure mounting hole pattern
must fit the botton "between" the diameter of this globe.

 Misc. hookup wiring 20-22 stranded guage. (red/black)                                          ---Any Auto Store

Project software/firmware revisions/versions used:
HE C7: v
"Life Event Calendar": v 1.0.5
Rule Machine 5.1: v 1.0.3

Important HE Device Information: MHCOZY Model ZG-003 Three Mode Switch (4 channel) (HE compatible device)
HE vendor name: "MHCOZY" <---<<<<<
HE device name: "Generic Zigbee Multi Endpoint Switch" <---<<<<

HE C7 Developer acknowledgement and tribute - This project uses (Non Google) local [Beta] "Life Event Calendar" APP by BPTWorld. (Thanks Bryan!) This "Life Event Calendar" APP by BTPWorld allows a user to input calendar beginning and ending dates and times for Holidays, Observances, Dentist and Doctor's appointments, Birthdays, Anniversaries, local events, state events and generates a device output/switch/outlet flag (ON then OFF). Without this special HE APP this project would have been DOA.

DIYers - See attached general schematic PDF for more details and inspect the included pictures. - Enjoy.

BTW ... Warning ... Setting MHCOZY Model ZG-003 three mode switch properly is somewhat tricky and make sure you don't disturb this special, on board, mode pushbutton switch once set!
Bumping this switch, with the power on, will switch the mode forever! I made a special pushbutton protector out of heat shrink tubing around the tac switch component outer edges.
Also, If using the 4" plastic dome - drill 4 pin holes at the top for possible, safety, LED heat release (if any). Testing reveals the holes are not necessary!

Annunciator schematic and project pictures attached ... DIYers enjoy.


This project is very confusing to me. I would not want this feature built into a new hub.

I am glad to hear this announcement system works for you with DIY parts, though.


It seems like something could be done pretty easily with a smart switch with indication:



Yeah, you can set any color, or pulse or chase based on status or trigger with the inovelli. Can be grouped or individual. I mean, honestly you could generally do that with any zigbee light. Even the Ring step light could do this more easily. Plug it in or run on battery and place anywhere.

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At my quiet vacation home, in Ohio, which only has an internet connection, my "blue" 5 inch globe HE C7 weather annunciator gave me ample warning that something nasty was about to happen.
Six tornado's ripped through our state last week. Having a heads up ample warning of 7 hours gave me plenty time to prepare for the worst. This project paid for itself many times over! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

@user494 Steven, wouldn't it be easier to use a standard LED bulb and a weather station (both public and a local)


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