Found Z-Wave Device - Initializing > Hang

How long should this process take?

What does it mean when it hangs?


It should complete within 60-120 seconds. If it doesn’t, you have the option of going to the Z-Wave Details screen, down to the last device. It will either:

  1. Have a clickable generic device name that will bring you to the device, and where you can rename the device and start using it
  2. Have a “Discover” button that will allow you to continue the pairing process
  3. Create a “Ghost Node” where the node is created but is not properly linked to the device. In that last situation, power should be removed from the device and the “Refresh” button should be pressed until the “Remove” button appears. This button should be pressed until the device is removed. It can take multiple tries and there are situations where the ghost can only be removed with a Z-Wave USB stick.
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Thank you for the thoughtful reply.

I had no idea it could take one to two hours.

That doesn't seem reasonable.

I am thinking he meant 60-120 seconds, maybe he can confirm?

I don't think I have ever hear of a device taking hours to include or pair.


You are correct! Will fix the original post.


What device are you trying to add? This looks familiar to my Kwikset z-wave lock that refused to pair. In that case, I purchased the non-automated home version (electronic lock only), then through amazon or ebay, I purchased a kwikset z-wave module separately. The later kwikset lock versions don't appear to be compatible with their z-wave modules, you need to get the z-wave enabled lock set. If this is the case, I can provide additional details and descriptions.


They are my favorite home automation but I have been frustrated by their Z-Wave pickyness from the outset.

I'm not sure it's their fault.

My Hubitat database exploded and crashed for no apparent reason and automation has been flaky ever since.

I'm going to do a USB stick exorcism today and see if that helps.

Good luck - in my case (kwikset) the pairing would lock up at the state you described and never complete. When I just stopped the pairing and went back to the device list, there was a partially added device that wouldn't work, even if I manually changed the device type.

I tried multiple methods of pairing, it appeared to be something associated with secure pairing but wasn't able to force that either. When I tried the module with an older version lock board, they worked fine.

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I have 5 iBlinds, and 5ey do not work as they should on any hub. I’ll do a YouTube video to show how crappy these are when it come to connectivity. Don’t want to hurt anyone’s business, but what they are selling they are ripping people off. They have NO customer support. There is some person that forwards emails, but no one that can answer any tech questions. I really got on them about getting ANY documentation and the only thing they could provide is a link to this forum on the I link support article. I think this this is some drop shipping type biz out of China. Really too bad.

Maybe you could give their support a try and report your results back for others thinking about investing in iblinds. Maybe it’s just me, but I find Iblind support to totally awful and would not recommend anyone buying till they produce even a bit of support.

I have been there with you!

Mine are working perfectly now. I found three iBlind-related "ghosts" in my Z-Wave mesh. Once these were exhorcised and the Z-Wave mesh settled down everything was back to normal.

As I mentioned earlier, I think this started when I turned off a breaker for 15 hours and disconnected multiple Z-Wave devices around the iBlinds and disrupted the mesh.

On the other hand, I used SmartThings for years without really knowing what a Z-Wave mesh was.