Found Bug During Discovery

I am creating an app and driver for my LG Netcast TV. During the SSDP discovery process, the response I get back from the device is not complete. The issue is in the ssdpPath it's not returning the complete path to the xml file. It's supposed to return udap/api/data?target=netrcu.xml, however instead it get's cutoff at the ? so it only returns udap/api/data. I am guessing it has something to do with the special character in the path. Is anyone else seeing this?

I should also mention that I have created this in Smartthings and it works correctly so I know it's not the device.

You do realize that there is already a driver for the LG Netcast and WebOS TV sets... HERE

The exact ssdpPath returned in the discovery response is irrelevant... As long as it contains "udap/api/data", it indicates a Netcast TV.

Yes, I am aware and have tried it. I can't speak on the WebOS side of it, but the Netcast side is shoottie at best. There is no status of any kind, what channel you are on, what the volume is and doesn't even tell you if the TV is actually on. The only thing it can do is send button press, so it's more a glorified remote then a driver.

However none of that has anything to do with the post. I found a bug with the platform that needs to be addressed. I put a band-aid on it for now, but the app I am writing I want to be brand agnostic so will work with many different types of TVs, not just LG Netcast, but with this bug it's going to make it harder to achieve that. Thanks for the reply though, I do appreciate it.

Hope you may share it when it's done. It sound like a really useful driver/app.

Definitely, I am just working through the bugs, testing the functions and scrubbing the code. I have a bunch of stuff I need to share out. Just need to find the time to sit down and write out the instructions.

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@Angus_M, I have released the code. Please check it out.

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