Fortrezz MIMO2+: no events from signal inputs


I’m trying to setup the MIMO2+ signal inputs for use in some conditional rules but I’m not getting any events. I’ve searched the forum and a few posts indicate the issue is that it’s being secure paired (shows zwaveSecurePairingComplete: true). The solution on other posts was to set secure pair to locks and garage only on the C-5 hub. I have a C-7 hub which doesn’t have that option. I can’t figure out how to pair this device unsecure as there are no options when it’s being paired. Any help would be appreciated.


Still waiting for my Mimo2 to show up next week. ordered it before I figured out a work around for my Mimolites.
I am assuming you are referring to Sig1 and Sig2.
With my 2 Mimolites I am getting inconsistent reporting from my Sig1 signal sometimes when manually opening or closing. Used as garage door controls.
I was able mostly fix it by putting:
before a open or close command along with some logic to cancel the command if in the incorrect state in the DH.
Only issue I have not worked out is that they would still not display on a dashboard correctly sometimes if in the incorrect state until an open or closed command was sent.

I also found that unplugging power and plugging back in Sig1 would start reporting properly again for a few days.
Which indicates it is a faulty relay likely a static build up.

polls the state of Sig1

I believe for Mimo2 you need these cmds for Sig1 and Sig2 (can't test it until it shows up)
secureCmd(zwave.sensorBinaryV1.sensorBinaryGet(), 3)
secureCmd(zwave.switchBinaryV1.switchBinaryGet(), 4)

Thanks for your response! I'm new to Hubitat so I don't follow where to enter these "SecureCmd" commands. My overall goal is to run a scene when motion is detected, but only if MIMO Sig1 is high. If Sig1 is low, do nothing. When using Rule Machine, selecting Conditional Actions -> IF THEN -> Switch, I'm presented with either switch is on or off. Does the secureCmd command go in Rule Machine or somewhere else? Thanks again for your help!

secureCmd is used in custom DH to control the Mimo2
What exactly are you using the Mimo2 for?

The trigger out (+12V) of my projector is connected to Sig1 on the MIMO2+. My goal is to ignore the motion sensor and not turn on the lights if the projector is powered on.

Would be easier to use a smart outlet on the projector to detect power draw and ignore motion sensors

That’s not a bad idea. I would have to identify an outlet that works with HE. I wouldn’t want to use an external switch that plugs into an outlet just due to appearance.

I would still like to get the MIMO working and I could envision other uses for the IO module. I’m not familiar with device handlers, how do I modify them/set them up/etc. Thanks!