Forcing NYCE Zigbee motion sensor to inactive


I'm using the NYCE motion sensor (NCZ-3041-HA). Is there a way to use Rule Machine to override/force motion state to inactive?



No this isn't a virtual device so you can't tell it to do something it isn't. Why would you want this anyway?

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I've got rules setup for motion lighting with various overrides. The overrides work but I have to wait for motion to clear before the rules start working again. I was thinking if I could include an action in my override rules that clears the motion that would speed things up and make things work that much better. Is there no way to do this with configure()?

I have a few nyce sensors but haven’t had any reason to mess with them for a while. IIRC, they don’t have a configurable motion timeout.

But their timeout is pretty quick, like 30ish seconds or so. I can’t think of many motion sensors that reset much faster than that.

As @BorrisTheCat said, it’s a physical sensor, not a virtual sensor, so you can’t use rule machine, or another app, to change the sensor state.


You'll have to use a virtual device in your rules to achieve that. The virtual device can be set to active or inactive based on the real motion sensor, and when needed you can set/override the value.

What’s the use case for a motion sensor that resets in <30 seconds btw?