Force Zigbee Route

Is there a way to force a zigbee device to route through a specific repeater?

Not really. It's going to take the best route and sometimes that's not the closest repeater.

Playing with power settings and I seem to get better results using level 4 rather than a higher level. I suppose that is forcing the use of the repeaters. I'll leave it low for a while and see if my aqara devices behave better.

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Aqara stuff can be trouble...lots of posts on it here. Mostly it does seem that things work better when the Aqara are connecting through a repeater, rather than directly to the hub.

I've gotten it settled down on my hubs, by using SonOff USB Dongle repeters, Ikea plug repeaters, Tuya's tiny USB repeaters. But...I do have some Aqara still routing through older Iris plug repeaters. So mixed bag.

But if you want to maximize likelihood of good resuts, look to the types of repeaters you have available.

I have ikea repeaters and quite a few of them as our house is quite a large 300+ year old property with thick walls. Will try for a few days with the power set at 4 to see if that improves thingx.

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Somehow didn't know that existed. :slight_smile:


Well, he didn't post it on the forum. I happened to be a stalker and love his stuffs :rofl:

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Interesting...maybe it is still somewhat WIP? Have you tried it?

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Not if you run them on a separate hub on a different zigbee channel :wink: