For those who use HomeSeer dimmers and switches in HE, how do you update their firmware?


I ordered a few of the HomeSeer HS-WD200+ Z-Wave Plus RGB smart dimmers early today.
Just a while ago I happen to come across a video tonight saying if you don't use a HomeSeer hub, then the only option to update firmware on their device is to purchase their *HomeSeer Z-Flash Z-Wave Firmware Update Kit ($49.95).

Is that correct, or is there a cheaper option.


(*) HomeSeer Z-Flash Z-Wave Firmware Update Kit – HomeSeer Store


They have a software-only version if you already have a Z-Wave dongle that would work:

As for "Compatible with .hex and .hec OTA files from most Z-Wave product manufacturers." I would believe it... But most manufacturers do not make those files available...


@snell Thanks for that info.
I don't own a Z-Wave stick, so I guess if I really need to update the firmware on the HomeSeer dimmer switches I'll break down an order one of their Z-Flash Z-Wave firmware update kit.

Thanks again.