For those who own a personal weather station and have it working with HE, what do you own?

I've been lucky for a long while now to find a person up my street who has their own personal weather station registered with Weather Underground. But for a few months now his system is no long been available to be found on Weather Underground. So now I looking to get my own pws.
I'm wondering for those who own a personal weather station and have it working with HE, what systems do you own or recommend.


I have 2 Ambient Weather PWS Array's and they both work well. The WS-2902 and WS-1401. I've since been using the EcoWitt GW1000 and recently the EcoWitt table display as they will push data locally which makes for a very easy integration. I think there's an Hubitat integration already. I use Node-RED with my EcoWitt to feed data to MQTT so I can use it with any system I want.

The EcoWitt hardware and Ambient Weather branded hardware is from the same manufacturer FineOffset.


I have had this one working flawlessly with WU for two years.

I'm sure there is a US equivalent



Station: Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus

Station Software: Weather-Display

Hubitat Driver: Weather-Display with OpenWeatherMap - NWS Alerts Driver
Weather-Display with Forecast Driver (NOTE: you must already have a valid API Key, service will terminate by the end of 2021)

I've been eyeing this one.

I like the screen layout better but not sure if it worth the add $$.

If you push data from your new weather station to WU, they will give you a new api key for free to get the forecast data etc.
I have a WU driver available on my website which will then work with your new setup to bring all this data into HE


I have weatherflow. Can integrate to HE via weewx, node-red, etc.

Ambient Weather (Fine Offset). No point in listing my model, since it’s discontinued. However the Fine Offset devices, like Andy’s Aercus are inexpensive and reliable.

If you live near the ocean, I would caution against Davis Instruments. My Dad had a lot of temp sensors fail in a very short period and it’s apparently a known issue if you read user forums. He now switched to an Ambient Weather and has had no issues. Plus, if he does, the temp sensors are remote, inexpensive and easy to get.

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Interesting? My Davis system has been rock solid for 10+ years now. But, I live 1,000+ miles from the nearest ocean.

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Something about salt air according to the posts he read on the subject. It’s only the temp sensor that fails for some reason.

My Dad’s a retired electronic systems engineer, so he even sourced the sensor components from Germany that were said to be more reliable by other users, but they didn’t last any longer.


The woes of retiring by the beach and living the good life :beach_umbrella:
:violin: :rofl:

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Using a Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus
Using "Weather Display" software running on a PC

Weather Display Software is configured to write a json file with all pertinent weather data.
Use HE to GET the json file and store data in variables.

Some data points (but not all) I use;
(This data is all provided local. No internet needed)

Average Daily Temperature and Average Temperature past 30 days
High and Low Temperatures for the day
Barometric pressure along with trend
Humidity & Dew Point
Solar and UV
Sunrise, Sunset, Sun Elevation and the maximum Daylight time
Wind speed, direction, gusts, etc...
Conditions IE. Raining, snowing, etc
Precipitation hourly, daily and for the last last 7-days

I have both AcuRite and Ambient Systems. However... considering how Ambient has been having some issues with their API (to get the data you send to them in the first place) I would recommend an Ecowitt device instead.

EDIT: I have an Ambient WS2902... so I am stuck relying on the API. BUT, the driver I made to support it also works for Ecowitt devices so it helps people out in general.

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Depending on what Ambient PWS array you have it might be compatible with EcoWitt. If you have a system that uses the ObserverIP module then it will work with the GW1000 or the other console displays from EcoWitt.

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That, beyond the cost of the home, was the second most expensive aspect of owning a home on the water in Laguna Beach, CA. The salt air was brutal to the entire physical infrastructure, particularly electrical. Aluminum, stainless steel and teakwood were your friends but expensive alternatives to the existing materials. I lost a weather station per year for some reason or another just being on the water. Eating the sensors, seizing up bearings and salty deposits inside everything. It doesn't rain often enough in So. Cal. to "wash" down those things.


I have a Ambient WS-2902 and the data is pulled via weeWX using the observer module. I can pull the data straight into HE.

You have to run weeWX on something (typically a RasPi) though to pull the data, correct? I have not been willing to do that.

Nothing against weeWX... I have had bad luck with my RasPi's getting corrupted time after time for various past projects that they have all been shelved for a while now.

Depends on what you want to spend. Maybe start with an inexpensive setup and see how it works. Then eventually work up to a Davis or Weatherflow if you are really into weather. I had an Ambient Weather Fine Offset for a few years and worked very well. Since I wanted more features such as soil temp and moisture, Davis was the choice.

Just like anything involving HA, correct? Start with a couple devices... Maybe a few hundred $ (or equivalent local currency)... and before long you realize your Hubitat has 100+ devices worth thousands, yet you still want more.

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I used to own a Davis, but the motherboard failed.. After 10 years. I then bought a Bloomsky, which was total garbage.

I now have an order for Tempest, which supposedly will support Hubitat from the get go. If this fails, I'll go back to a Davis station.