For sale: GoControl GC-TBZ48 Smart Z-Wave Plus Thermostat

Works fine, it was used with Hubitat for about a year until we changed our
furnace, requiring a different thermostat.

Retail: $100

Asking: $50 with pickup in Philadelphia, PA USA. Contact me for shipping elsewhere.

What did you end up switching to model wise...


I quite liked the GoControl, but I needed something that would speak with a multi-zone heating system, and I didn't want to go completely DIY.

The Salus system is "OK" -- Zigbee for local communication, wireless thermostats, good physical interface, reliable. However, it requires cloud for complex scheduling (on/off/setpoint override can be done locally at each thermostat w/o internet access or need for HE) and the zigbee is not integrated into Hubitat.

If the Salus units failed during the summer & I had the free time, I'd consider going DIY instead.

Hmmm.. Have you tried the generic zigbee thermostat driver for giggles with it?

I did when I first got the system. As I recall, the thermostats & relay panel & gateway, despite being zigbee devices, didn't even appear in HE when doing a scan to add new devices.

The gateway is accessible on my LAN (w/o cloud access).

If I can't find the time to learn enough groovy to port the existing python driver (unlikely, while I'm still working at a paying job), I'll probably put the python driver on a Pi, with a simple web front end (REST?) and have HE talk to that.

Of course, I don't plan to hack my heating system in the middle of January in the northern hemisphere, so any of this can wait until summer.

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Chicken.... :rofl:

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