FOR SALE- Eaton Z-Wave Dimmer RF9540ND: 8 of them-140 shipped- Make it 100.00

Hello, up for sale are 8 Eaton Master Z-Wave dimmers. They are about 1 year old, only 4 of the 8 were installed, in an addition that never got finished, so the switches just sat there. Probably actuated less than 100 times for the 4 that were installed. These are compatible with LED, CFL, FLR, INC/HAL as well as ELV/MLV transformers.
Note: these dimmers support flash with a configurable flash rate using the built in driver in HE.

Now the good news, I'll take 140 for all 8 dimmers, including shipping. That's less than 20 bucks a pop. Make it 100.00 even, great deal even if you never use the "smart" part