For Canadians: SmartThings sensor sales

Home Depot Canada (which I didn't even know until yesterday is now carrying SmartThings) and are duking it out again. SmartThings Leak, Contact, Motion and Button are all on sale at both places right now.

I ordered two contact sensors for $20.99 CAD each and a motion sensor for $24.99 CAD. Still slightly higher than Xiaomi, but no hassles and next day delivery are good motivators.


Thanks for posting. Looks like is joining the party as well.

Are they? I only saw the button when I looked. I searched their site for contact and motion sensors, but nothing came up.

Thanks was waiting for the new Xiaomi's as well but for this price these will do. They are already zigbee 3.0 compliant.
I see and direct from Samsung also has the same sale but can not beat Amazon's free shipping.

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Not only on sale but an extra 10% for price match :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit : forgot to add. You have to go to the Lowes store for this. I didn't want to clear out the section so other can join the fun.

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Well, that almost covers the tax. Guess where I'm headed? :wink:

:laughing: So the woman at Lowe’s rings it up without the 10% discount and I mention it. She starts, “So we got rid of that in the summer...”

Me: :point_up:t2:At the “Best Price Guarantee. Additional 10%” sign one foot away from her. :roll_eyes:

That's hilarious!

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Yep. Lazy git. Gave a big sigh when she realized her fib wasn’t working and she was going to have to start all over.

Anyway I have the multi sensor cracked open and just found the two points needed to make this into a dry contact sensor. It’s a little different because they use a hall effect sensor, instead of a reed switch. Result is the same though. Works great.

I’m so used to pairing Xiaomi problem children, I almost fell off my seat when pairing initialization started the moment I connected it to my power supply!

Perfect for power outage sensor :+1:

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Thanks for the Heads up.. may grab a couple more buttons

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I already have that covered by my alarm system and my NAS. My plan for this is to connect a relay to the door lock of my front loader. Door locked, the relay is on and contacts are open. Door lock off, and the relay contacts close, triggering the SmartThings Multisensor and after a delay, a notification that the cycle is completed.

Does the ST Motion Sensor report LUX?

No. Temp and motion only

Thank you Doug to make me buy more stuff for this :pensive:

1 Like finally added some sensors to the online ordering system and of course they screwed up. The pricing for the ST plug and the Motion sensor are wrong. I am not getting anymore sensors but just in case you guys need them.
Ok I lied I went to the store and got 4 multi sensors :man_shrugging:t2:.


:rofl: I think we have a problem.

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