Font sizes in mobile dashboard vs. desktop site

On my computer at home, all the tiles I have created for my dashboard display just fine. I have a 5x5 grid set up with a font size of 10. The problem comes in when I try to bring up the dashboard on my phone. The same layout results in text that does not fit in the tiles. If there is not a tile adjacent, the text overflows onto the background which isn't bad, but if there is an adjacent tile, the text is cut off and not readable.

I tried changing the font size, but all that did was make part of the text too tiny to read but the critical part did not change. Specifically, my HSM Status tile is the worst offender.

Right now, looking at it on the computer, I see "System Disarmed" on one line, fitting in the tile perfectly. However, on my phone, I see
"Disari" -- the "i" is actually the left stroke of the "m".

When I select to "Arm to Night" I see it correctly on the computer, but on the phone, I see
" to " but "night" is cut off.

On a temperature sensor, it is showing "70.99oF" (not sure how to show the degree mark and the mark and F are in smaller print than the temperature). On the phone, the "70.9" fits in the tile, but the "9oF" has overflowed onto the background.

How do I resize the fonts so that these messages will fit the display on my phone? Turning the phone to view Landscape allows the temperature to fit the tiles which expand horizontally, but then they shrink vertically showing even less of the HSM status.

I just found out something, but I will leave the above in case someone else is having the same problem. I am using the Firefox browser. I clicked on the 3 dots on the address bar and scrolled down and checked the box for "Request desktop site" and reloaded. The text now does fit in the tiles So the fix seems to be to not use the mobile browser format but to request the desktop site.

Edit: This behavior happens with the Chrome and Brave browsers in addition to the Firefox browser.

Hubitat Staff have the new Dashboard and Rule machine in Beta Test, they've said. To be released: "soon" -- which I've always assumed to be... when the Beta Tester's bug finds decline to near zero. :smiley:

It will be interesting to see how the new Dashboard works between desktop and mobile browsers.