Folks with XCTU setups - are you seeing mesh go away?

My xctu setup has worked well for awhile but today trying to use it it's acting very strange.
I actually video captured my mesh completely disappear - every minute. then it starts recovering. I checked my xctu setup and I think its right, verified my profile etc. but something really nuts is happening. I have a Digi Xbee3 Zig 3.0 TH device - latest driver (I think) latest firmware 1010... xctu is up to date.
anyone else seeing it? It is between 60-90 seconds before the screen looses all devices except the XBEE and Configurator... those 2 devices survive each reset but all other devices drop out.

I'm not seeing that. Check in your preferences to make sure you are not deleting nodes that were not discovered on the last scan.

I don't trust my xbee setup at the moment. It's acting very strangely. I reset my hub to, and reloaded the db to the same... now I'm rebuilding xbee device from scratch, even to the point of reverting firmware. Lets see where that takes me. (I didn't have that check box checked in my s/w).

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