Folders in dashboard

I see videos and screenshots of dashboards that have folders to manage devices, but the videos don't explain how to create them and the community references folders or tags in rule organization. It looks like a device type, but I'm guessing it needs to be added before it will appear as a selection on the dash.

Example use: I have an EcoBee with 4 sensors. I like to have the Thermostat on the main page, with the sensors in a folder (so if I want to see what the sensors are saying I can go to a "sub menu").

Can someone point me at the doc/proper term for this?


It might help if you snipped an image from a post you saw that reflects what you are looking for.

"Folders" doesn't ring a bell, but it is common to use Dashboard links to take you to a different page with more detailed tiles for that room, device type, etc. For example, on your main screen, you might have a tile representing each room, and when you click on that dashboard link, it brings up that room's detailed dashboard.

I don't know how you could have one tile that displays the thermostat's attributes as well as function as a dashboard link (without use of third party dashboard tools), but what you could do is have a tile that is half height that is the thermostat and a half height below it that is a link to a Sensors dashboard.

I particularly like the concept that the top row of tiles on every dashboard be the same set of dashboard links. This creates sort of a tabbed interface that makes dealing with several dashboards so easy.

Are you referring to "Dashboard Link"? Example ... Main dashboard has Doors, Windows, Lights, Fans, etc. Inside each of those you would have all 6 or your doors or all 26 of your lights.
In order to do that you need to create a dashboard for the Ecobee. Most of these are dashboard links, similar to a folder

First you need to go into "apps" and create a new dashboard for Ecobee. Then go to your main dashboard, click on the + sign and add you new dashboard. Do not pick a device, under template pick "dashboard link" to the right pick you dashboard. Now you should be able to add your ecobee sensors to that dashboard.

I usually add a dashboard link inside that dashboard, back to the main dashboard.
This last screen shot is my Thermostat dashboard with my thermostat, sensor and main dashboard link.

Links are a good idea - kind of works around the system a bit. I can't post the video with the best example not add media (newbie restriction).

The Youtube video is called " Hubitat Dashboard - Folder support" by Joe Page.

Digging around, it looks like Joe has his own front end for Hubitat up on the Android store - it could be exclusive to that, but I would imagine if he can do it there has to be a way natively as well. Again, he might just be masking the link thing tccshenkes was suggesting.

Not sure if this might help. It's an excellent Android dashboard app, with support for folders...

Bang - that's what I'm looking for. Trying to get it working now.

Thanks, Angus!

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I don't use it myself but I'm in awe at the speed and quality of its development. The author is doing a stunning job on it and all for free. Incredible.