FNG here and I have a probably stupidly easy question

Just moving over from Smartthings and I moved a Sengled Blub and a Samsung Smartsensor over and I'm using a Simple Automation rule to turn the light on when the sensor is open and off when closed and that's working fine but the light doesn't seem to be quite as bright as it was on Smartthings but it shows that it's at 100.

Also if I were to want this to come on at say 20% brightness between 10pm and 6am would I need to use Rule Machine to accomplish that? Anyone have an example?


There are some notable differences between ST and HE but I think 100% brightness on one is the same as 100% brightness on the other as well...

Not sure if you mean time as the trigger, i.e. turn on at 10pm and off at 6am, or same type of contact sensor trigger as above but restrict between those hours?

Either way, you can do that with simple automations, neither would require use of rule machine.

Yes I want to set the brightness to 15% at 10pm and then back to 100% at 6am.

One option would be to set up and use Modes. Modes are nice because you can use them globally. So you would just have to pick XYZ brightness for Night Mode. And you could do this simple selection for nearly every bulb or app or whatever so you don't have to keep selecting times of day. Modes can also do more, like triggering home and away actions, so you may want to look at them. They get really helpful on larger or more complex installations.

Restrictions also are a good choice if you want to just restrict one device, or the times don't align with the Modes you set up. You could restrict the bulb to turn on between 8AM and 10 AM at one brightness, and do something else (or even nothing) at other times. With restrictions you will probably need multiple instances of similar Simple Automation rules to do what you are asking, but so what if you need 2, 3, or even 10 small and easy rules to make it work like you want. Rules are free, and simpler is better, so keep things simple if possible.

For the Rule Machine question, you could do everything in one rule. But RM is a much harder to learn advanced tool that I do not suggest people start out with. I would use Motion Lighting, Simple Automations, and the other easy things first until you outgrow them, or at the very least get used to how the hub works.

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Thanks I'll experiment with that.