Flume2 not reporting, Battery already dead?

What's the Flume2 sensor battery life others have got? I've had mine for almost a year now running solid and now the sensor isn't reporting anymore. I checked water meter box, its still there, not stolen.. :joy:

From the online portal:

Been dead for a couple days. I have no notifications of low battery on app or web portal..

Bridge is online, so that seems to indicate batteries died. Does the unit still look like it's solidly closed, hasn't been disturbed?

I've only had mine for a few months so not too familiar w/Flume battery issues.

@tomw @erktrek @cgmckeever - any comments?

My batteries died after a little under a year. I ordered another pack (about $20), but when I actually opened up the sensor enclosure I noticed the existing pack just had 4x AA batteries that I could swap out. So, I would first check to see which original pack configuration you have.

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Low battery alerts need to be enabled in your Flume account (Settings -> Notifications -> Low Battery Alerts).

My first set of batteries lasted 9 months. I received emails warning of low battery. When I changed batteries, I added a second pack to the sensor. Hopefully this will get me 18 months or so next time. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, they sure wised up to that money-grab (replacing a simple user-swappable AA pack with a proprietary sealed pack at 20 bones a pop) pretty quickly lol!

Well, they gotta keep a revenue stream going one way or another, I suppose.

I'm lucky that I got one of the basic packs with mine, so I was able to easily power it with a battery conversion kit. Beyond old vs new battery pack, I realize the placement of many folks' meters do not permit that luxury.

Are these 4 AA batterys Alkaline or Lithium? Will think of a work around to replace with off the shelf AA's.

Here's a post from another thread showing the 2 battery packs (old plain black and new sealed grey). The new grey pack is lithium for sure - I got one to check out earlier this year, and it's labeled as lithium. If you have the old black pack, I'd recommend putting lithiums in it for max life.

Although mine originally came with the old black pack, I don't recall what type of batteries it shipped with. Lithium is rarely the wrong choice over alkaline though.

LOL, I started that thread which resulted in me getting the Flume. OK, will get into it in a few days and see what it takes to get off the shelf Lithium AA's. A gopher has kindly covered in it in dirt so will need to clean out the ground service box.

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Good stuff - that obviously whooshed over my head! Hopefully, you have the old pack and can pop in some lithium AAs without much hassle. Otherwise, I wonder if anyone sells a 4-AA battery pack/harness (like the old black one) somewhere on Amazon -- I should check that out one of these days...

@scunny was able to open the gray pack with a T6 torx, but it sounded like it would be a hassle messing with its internal battery setup due to things being soldered in place.

Update: So its been intermittent on/off but now 100% dead. I took the battery pack out, cut off the shrink wrap around it and replaced the 4 AA battery's. I used alkaline because I dont have Li batterys on hand, will get some for next time around. If you do this make sure you mark which side is up on the pack case because that will get lost with the shrink wrap cut off. The batteries hold tight. All good, no need to buy the flume pack.

If you have the newer sealed pack I dont see why one of those RC car servo 4 AA battery holder packs couldn't be modified to work. Seems like the same size. Just need to make 2x in series then parallel to get ~3.2V out.


any one else do the conversion on the newer sealed pack? Just got the low battery alery.

Wondering if anyone has had a failed flume2 sensor unit?
My battery's reported dead so I changed them. New ones measuring 3.4v in the pack and they oriented properly. The flume sensor will not talk to the Bridge, keeps telling me sensor is offline.
-I double checked the batteries
-Rebooted bridge, verified bridge is online.
-Verified the API can talk to my bridge.

Is there a reset button on the sensor unit?

I don't know how to help directly, but when I first got mine, I had some (now long forgotten) issue and remember being impressed with their service team when I called -- consider that?

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Yes, this. Give them a call or an online chat, and they will likely be very helpful.

I seem to remember that when I replaced my batteries that it maybe took some time to reconnect and start reporting again. Maybe let it sit for a bit and see if it recovers on its own (potentially while you also reach out to them and wait for a response).

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Wow posting here about it did the trick! It took 2 whole days after replacing the battery's to start talking to the bridge again. Was about to contact them.

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OK, its really dead now. Past couple months I put in battery's and it just drains them in 2 weeks. Must be shorted out. No green light blink on battery install, no communication with bridge after waiting a month. The PCB has some odd fasteners so cant pull it apart. Might try to drill them out since I have nothing to loose at this point.

Any alternatives to flume? Wont buy this product again.

Chat with their support and they might help you out. They replaced mine when it leaked and got damaged.

They replaced my 1st one that failed with water damage too. I guess that is why they include desiccant packs with the replacement batteries now. :slight_smile:

I only get 8-9 months battery life off of a single battery pack, which is a bit disappointing. Tried installing 2x packs this time, will be interesting to see the life.

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2.5 years now so probably out of warranty replacement. Will contact them. But likely gonna drill out fasteners and investigate.

I just replaced mine after almost 3 years. Looked like some moisture got inside the box. :frowning:

I noticed that they changed/improved the gasket a bit on the newer unit, but a little bit of lithium grease on the gasket might be a good idea. Going to do that when the battery needs replacing.

FWIW, I have used older packs with replaceable batteries. With Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries, I had been getting around 11-12 months per pack.

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