Flume integration

Hi folks,

I would like to formerly request Flume smart water meter sensor integration with Hubitat. Flume as-is is notification only and it would be really powerful to be able to act upon the notification by turning off the water mains using something like Dome z-wave shut off valve. The API information is available at:

Use case

  1. Flume notifies of water leak
  2. Corroborate/localize the leak using the distributed array of water sensors in home (optional)
  3. Automatically turn off mains using Dome to prevent further damage if not around/unreachable



It's a bummer they don't have a local API.

I see. Is that a requirement to work with Hubitat?

The problem is that the current implementation depends on their cloud.

No, but from an integration request standpoint they do get higher priority.

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Folks may want to wait as the Flume team is getting the kinks out of the (cloud) API.

There are changes coming that make it easier to avoid extracting the user_id, which is part of the path for most of their API calls.

Currently, in order to get that value, you need a way to process their JWT Token API. The libraries which process this cannot be loaded into Hubitat due to its restrictions on @Grab use.

Their proposed API changes avoid having the client/caller extract/provide this which will directly benefit/simplify a HE-based client.

If anyone wants to get creative in the meantime, these devices phone-home over unencrypted MQTT. With a little work, this could be diverted / delivered directly to a (local) MiTM process. It'd be messy (hacky, undocumented), but it'll avoid the Cloud API.... at least until they have Local API support.

The latter part of this MQTT payload is fairly simple:


Anyone have any updates on and intergration or driver. I'm fine if it uses a cloud endpoint, as water usage isn't a critical service for me.

I have a Python <-> MQTT version of this running, pushing data into Influx/Grafana and it’s working well and quite stable.

Flume Water haven’t released the version of their API that’s avoid the need to decode the JWT Token so it cannot readily put back inside Hubitat yet.... hence the Python code.

They’re also missing API calls for their recent “Away” flag and some related to their Device status... but I wasn’t bubbling up device attributes yet, only device-measurements.

If you’re comfy with Python and have MQTT already, I can float you an early copy

Oh, and they closed loophole as the traffic is now encrypted :frowning:

I 2nd the ask for Flume. Somebody has pulled this off for SmartThings and my Austin suburb water utility is heavily subsidizing adding Flume monitoring so I jumped on it.

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I will be the 3rd to request!

I am checking back on this as well. I recently installed 2 PiHoles and could resist the urge to install Home Assistant on one of them for a couple of reasons, curiosity and Roomba control. Was having a lot of trouble with the Roomba integration using Pi and figure I would try it in HAs native integration. I know nothing really about Pi and much less about HA. I still could not get to work. But anyway I found Flume integration and using there Flume client api. Seems to work.

Has there being any integration into HE yet?


I will be the fourth to request this update for flume. Moving to hubitat this week form smartthings and have the flume device as well. located in Austin Texas

Is there Flume integration on ST? If so keep ST around and use HubConnect to view the Flume data from ST. Is was thinking of even checking into HA Flume integration and setting that up on a Pi.

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Me too.

I sure would like to have this integrated as well so I could use it with my shut-off valves.
Does this help anybody?

I would love to this working in HE. I love my Flume.

I had Flume working in ST Classic but when forced to migrate to the new app, it stopped functioning like so many of my other custom integrations (which is why I find myself now on Hubitat). I agree with others, I would like to see this integration in Hubitat when the API gets updated.

I'd still be interested in at least getting Flume info displaying in my Dashboard.

A good use case would be to auto toggle "Away" on Flume depending on when you are home or away. That way if you have water running while you are out, you get a notification