Flow Meter for GPM Monitoring

Any support for this flow meter?

It looks like it is simply the plastic version of the FortezZ flow meter. Specifically, I am wanting to monitor GPM for running toilets and maybe other applications where leak detector sensors are not ideal or would not be applicable. Any other preferred flow meters?

I did find this which indicates it will work with Hubitat with his port???

While this doesn't answer your question, personally, I'd avoid plastic bodied devices since they're more likely to fail than their brass or bronze counterparts. As a reminder, I got a panic call from my brother in law last week asking me to bring my plumbing tools and supplies. He had a plastic bodied whole house filter in his basement that split near the inlet. Luckily my sister in law was at home at the time and was able to shut off the water but it would have been disastrous had no one been home.

Agreed, and I have street-cred (family-owned plumbing supply house and over 5 decades of commercial/residential plumbing experience out in the field). While on the subject, this is the reason I'd avoid those under-sink bypass valves in the continuous hot-water pump kits.

What is a product that is supported? I'm still waiting for the fortrezz to get support before I buy.

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