Flic Hub integration

Getting back on topic, I would love if we can get this hub integrated with HE. I am NOT porting from SmartThings as the do not have it integrated either.

My original post was directed at staff and active integration developers for HE hoping they would be interested in getting this device integrated. When I get my HE device next week if I learn integration is no difficult I might just do it myself. Having it native to the device instead of custom would be even better.

i kind of prefer function over form so works really well for me. :slight_smile:

these days ... i bought them when they were still $25.

I hate to be that guy, but a white 5 button Pico is like 12 bucks, yeah you need to drop a hundred on the bridge. But..
10 year battery life and no interference issues whatsoever...
Wall mount pedestal mount no mount your call.
Try finding another 5 button controller that small for any price much less 12 bucks...


flic doesnt need a feedback loop from hubitat does it? in which case you should only need a http call out from flic and subscription to lan events on hubitat. see this thread:

should be straightforward ... think the notify issue has been fixed since then.

ehh dont hate ... you are good at it. :wink:

does it direct connect to hubitat or needs another hub? :slight_smile:

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Interesting option but a multi button controller is way different then a single button. The form factor is MUCH larger, it's not intuitive what the button is for. I like small buttons places intelligently. I have a few multi button controllers which my wife and I use to manage scenes and control multiple devices, but that is not the same as a single button. I stick these flic buttons in logical places for what they control. I have on next to bedside turn shut down lights. I have one on top and bottom of stairs for light hue lights. I have on next to toilet for light and heat. I have one next to kitchen sink to turn on hue based sink light. I have on in guest room to control lights and Heat/AC unit. etc. Simple to use and they look better than large controllers.

I see it is impossible to keep this thread on track :slight_smile: and nobody else seems to care about this device so I guess I will wait until there are more users and more folks interested in flic hub integration. What I was hoping is folks active in HE development would be interested in discussing this integration. Ideally an api to control HE would allow this integration as well as many others. I don't know if it has one.

Yes, it says it is lutron proprietary RF. That means likely good range but not ideal for flexible use. I also don't like the form factor at all, I don't want one of these next to my bedside table. I might as well just use a minimote.

I’m interested in Flic hub integration.

Although I bought in on day one of the Indiegogo campaign I have yet to receive my hub ...

It's not that we don't care, I actually looked at purchasing one based on your post, and then saw that it was only available via indiegogo.
Obviously we need to direct our engineering resources based on community demand and marketing needs.

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It needs a lutron pro bridge, the last one i purchased was $100

Have you checked with them? I know they are sending out second round.
I received my hub during the beta and then they were kind enough to send me another when the official releases came out since I beta didn't have the IR sensor and I purchased with the sensor.

If you really purchased on day 1 I would think you should have yours.

I completely agree which is why I said I guess I will wait for more demand. I would not expect you to integrate just for me.

That said, I am more than willing to work with you to integrate mine if you would like. I can even write the code but if I need something added to the server perhaps you can work with me.

I also suspect if you reached out to the team they would send you one for integration. I know they have extra testing hubs and they offered at one point to replace mine when we suspected an issue but we identified the issue and they didn't need to.

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not sure if you saw the link in this post ... if you are willing to code that should have everything you need:

if you already saw the post ... please ignore this one. :slight_smile:

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We care, or we wouldn't be responding :wink: We just have differernt opinions and experiences.

I bought a Flic button when I visited Target Open House in 2016. I didn't know them until seeing how it was so predominately featured and thought I really needed to get at least one of these and play. It was, and is a very unique offering. I had my button controlling Hue, Insteon (via Harmony Hub) and Wink. But the constant loss of connection to my iPhone and iPad due to weak signal made me start pleading with them for a hub. They told me it wasn't in there plan, but then Logitech came out with POP buttons and their plan changed shortly after. I too was accepted as a beta tester, but the beta test requirement of an Android device wasn't disclosed initially, and so I dropped out of the program as I didn't have one at the time, and other physical button choices were starting to grab my attention. At $35 US per button at the time ($50 CAD), the performance of the Flic buttons and their refusal (or inability, I don't know which) to add three or more clicks, just wasn't doing it for me.

This fact started a chain reaction in my household. I stumbled upon a node.js server that would allow me to use Pico with SmartThings, and then I could control all kinds of devices for a much lower button investment than a Flic. The required Lutron Caséta Pro bridge was going to be $100 US or more (I actually won an auction for $50 CAD and no shipping cost), but their 5 button controllers that could actually do 10 different functions (when you consider each button could assign a function to hold as well), and the bonus of access to the entire Caséta product line, not just the button you already own, it became an obvious choice for me. When the $100 US pricing for Flic hub was announced, I briefly considered having both, but the Lutron quality, familiarity for my family, not having to remember what sequence of clicks or hold per button, and the idea of having to invest in another crowd funding campaign to get one, (even at the reduced early bird price) tipped the scales. It also still would have to reach out to a cloud, and would still have bluetooth range issues, The scales weren't just tipped for me, they were knocked over and kicked across the room.

I learned of talented developers like @stephack from using his Advanced Button Controller with the Node.js setup, and then I stumbled across a post on the ST forum about Hubitat, were I found that several of the developers I admired were already owners, and it could do the same thing without the node.js server, but most importantly, without any reliance on a cloud instance. I think i spent less than 24 hours considering the choice to buy Hubitat :grin:

With these new capabilities and the performance/features that a Flic button just could not match, I began to revel in the additional doors that were opening with Hubitat. I'm currently enamored with these newer Xiaomi Aqara buttons. They're about the size of a silver dollar, very well designed (I wouldn't call them cheap in terms of quality), they have 5 presses, plus a hold that can be programmed into the Hubitat Button Controller app via the driver provided by @veeceeoh, and they're zigbee (no bridge required or cloud required with Hubitat). I still prefer the Pico at $18 CAD, but these Xiaomi Aqara are damn good buttons at around $10 CAD delivered.

This is generally an issue with a single button. What is it for and how does one use it? You just have to know. Pico can be custom engraved and wall mounted to look like a wired switch, so there can be almost no question what it's for. The Xiaomi buttons (I can't stop buying them actually) are for me (I have one hidden under a table in the living room) and my daughter (two in her bedroom) because we know what they are for and how I have them programmed, while the Picos in our house are for everyone.

Picos are solid performers and do have excellent range. I don't understand your interpretation of "flexible use". 10 possible actions from a single Pico, 6 from a Xiaomi Aqara button, 3 from a Flic button.

I get your wanting to get this working. You like the Flic buttons and so do others, plus you have an investment you want to make the most of. They're cool little buttons, no question. But the oddly long time that their hub has been in pre-order through a crowd funding campaign has me wondering just how well they're doing overall. They have not innovated like I would have hoped and I feel the hub is an obvious hole they should have filled much sooner, before Logitech and others started delivering competing products.

I do sincerely hope you are able to get your Flic hub integrated with Hubitat. Sounds like you have the skills to make it happen and the community of talented developers here will most certainly help you figure your way through any stumbling blocks. As @mike.maxwell pointed out, it's important to the Hubitat team and to me as a customer, that they keep their engineering resources focused on missing hub and bridge integrations (i.e. Insteon, one of the old salts in the home automation space). that are in higher demand from the community members and widely available through retail channels,

By they way, there is one innovation on the Flic button that I have never found anywhere else, but they didn't make it. It's the 3M sticky material on the back of them. That is incredible, because it sticks to anything, is almost better that the best one time use adhesives, but comes off with almost no damage to the surface, and what's most impressive is you simply wash it with water and it's like new again. You can keep reusing is. I wish I could get a roll of that stuff, but I couldn't get Flic to tell me what 3M part number it was. Maybe I should contact 3M directly :thinking:

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Fair point, I meant to say it seems folks are responding with other options mostly so don't care about "flic buttons" specifically. I realize you have interest but it seems the demand for flic is not that high. Sorry for poor phrasing, I know we all care :slight_smile:

You miss interpreted my intent. I was saying that single buttons, at least for me, are more intuitive. Because I place them where they make sense. If there is a button next to the sink, it controls the sinks light. If there is a button next to the bedside table it controls the lights in the room. I sometimes use hold or double press but I make the single press the intuitive choice and double or hold the "other thing". For example I have one in bathroom to turn on/off the lights on single press. Double press turns on/off the heater.

When I need control over more actions in an area I place a mini controller. Like the wallmote or minimote etc

Same experience here. I found it online and told a friend at work about it and said I wasn't going to buy it yet but instead wait to see how it works out. Then I went home and bought it :slight_smile:

These look nice! You might have got me started on a new purchase spree..... :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: My zigbee mesh is weak but these may be an reason to make it better.

I feel the lutron switches look like standard wall dimmer switches. The look makes them feel less flexible to me. I realize you can use them for other things but it just feels too non-intuitive to me. Perhaps just a mindset and wrong but was my first thought.

They delivered a little late but they were not as late as many other projects on indiegogo. They also communicated really well about what the delays were. Very close to the correct delivery date they had the first batch of units but had issues with the radios failing a required test so they let us know there would be a delay. I had my beta hub for a few months and they were really trying to work out issues before delivery of the final product. I felt that was the correct choice, I have too many products delivered with bugs and still working them out. ( Read ST, haha)

I agree, I was putting my own stickers on these because I was afraid they were standard glue. Then I read a post about simply washing them with a little water if they become non-sticky and I was surprised. So I started using their glue and it is amazing! I didn't know it was a 3m product. You should chase that stuff down. Let me know if you find it.

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I'd also like to second Ron request for native Flic Hub integration. Unfortunately nobody had mentioned one the unique feature of the Flic buttons, which no other buttons, as far as I know, have. They are waterproof and they can be placed in the shower, outdoor, etc. I'm currently using them to control Spotify player in the shower and it is very convenient.


I believe they are water resistant, not waterproof, but still that is a cool feature. Agreed.

I didn't know that. I think one or more are going in my shower now :slight_smile:

That's for sure, you can't dive with them. But I can see how they would work in the shower based on the design. Perhaps not in direct line with the water spray but a wet finger should be no problem.

I'd also like to second Ron's request for native Flic Hub integration.

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I'd like to add a +1 for native Flic Hub integration please.


In case anybody's still looking for how to integrate the Flic Hub with Hubitat, I just managed to get this working quite easily using Hubitat's in-built API. I'm assuming that the Maker API wasn't available at the time this thread was started, but now that it is, this integration is actually quite easy.

I created a virtual button in Hubitat, and I specified that it has 4 physical buttons, because I have 4 Flic buttons. I then configured the Maker API to expose control of the virtual button device, and then formed the appropriate URLs for the Flic Hub to use for its HTTP GET request.

The general format looks like this:
http://192.168.x.x/apps/api/81/devices/[Device ID]/[Command]/[Secondary value]?access_token=abcdefgh

In the case of Flic buttons, the Command can be push/doubleTap/held
The Secondary Value is the virtual physical button that I want to target (Remember I specified that my virtual button has 4 physical buttons)

eg. If my virtual button's device ID is 99, and I want the Flic Hub to send a double tap event for button 2:

I'm quite happy with the results. The reaction time is great, and the range between buttons and hub is quite reasonable.

The Xiaomi buttons mentioned above look like nice options, but I already had my Flic Hub and Buttons, so I was really interested in getting them working with Hubitat :slight_smile:

[UPDATE 2019-05-09]
I've made a slight change to the way I've set up my Flic buttons. In my original guide above, I created one single Virtual Button device, and then specified 4 physical buttons. I've since decided that this makes some things unnecessarily complicated, because you can't change the name/label of each of the buttons. eg. When I write a rule in Rule Machine, I had to remember which number each Flic was assigned to. So I found it much better to just create a separate Virtual Button device for each Flic.


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