Flat LED Lights


I have A LOT of LED flat lights throughout the house, and am looking to switch some of them to RGB. First off, does anyone make a Z-wave or Zigbee LED light that would replace them? I know I can put in a can and swap them, but it would be much easier to just swap them out for something like them.

If not, what are my best options from experience?

To the best of my knowledge, I think you'd need a can to do that. You would be much happier with that because there are definitely different quality bulbs out there. Some expensive, some less so. In the long run, you'll probably like that better anyway.

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A word of caution from my personal experiences: it looks like your current lights are general lighting e.g. everywhere throughout the house. If they are the main source of light in a room be careful to get a RGB bulb with an excellent CRI rating.

Even if you find one, try out just one or two first. I changed a bunch of my cans over to some really cheap RGB in my theater room and I was disappointed. I returned them all (such a pain to uninstall and repack... it was dumb to install them all without testing one first) and bought the Sylvania Zigbee cans. They are just okay as far as CRI but good enough to live with. They are super annoying when it comes to repeating and Zigbee mesh stability though. I have a bunch of SmartThings water sensors that disconnect because of them. So, do your research.


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