Flash lights, please help

Atm no.
That’s one of the reasons I’m going to revisit it.
You currently have to decide to finish on or off

I’ll be looking at this next week



I get this message when I try to install your app.

Metadata Error: Parent App 'Cobra:Cobra Apps' not found on line 49

That's because you haven't installed the cobra apps container
ATM, This needs to be done first if you want to use this app


Now it works, thanks.

Can I set the number of times flashed to more than 5?

Not in this version..
Next version, you will be able to enter as many as you like


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the new version of the app is complete.
Just doing some final testing now.
In all my tests so far, bulb state has been sucessfully restored after the flash.
Also you can enter any number of flashes required.
It has also been tested with a number of different makes/types of bulbs (thanks to @Royski for his diligent beta testing as always)

However: due to discussions in this thread I am reluctant to release it just yet.


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Dissapointed by some of the negative reaction on that thread. I’m using some of your apps and they are great, I value your contribution to the community and it’s totally understandable why you would change your license terms...

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I was surprised too to be honest.
But people don’t have to use anything I release so it’s up to the individual.

Flasher seems to be working well so I will probably release it on Monday.
It will be released under my new license so, no doubt I will get more complaints.

It will also be released as a ‘stand alone’ parent/child so Cobra Apps is not required.
If you want to keep it inside CA then you can just uncomment a line in the parent code.


Dan, thank you for your very generous contribution.
I appreciate it.


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Great stuff! I’ve been faffing to try and get lights flashing and then returning to original state via RM and i’ve not had much success. My use case is that I use it as a visual indicator of the garage alarm being turned on/off via a remote by flashing the porch lights..


I originally wrote it so it flashes 15 mins before we feed the dogs.. gives me time to cook it for them.
Then we have a tts announcement and they go ‘mad’ about that but have not picked up on the flashing lights yet :slight_smile:




This works for pulsing my alarm switch, and could be used on a light. You could also capture the state, do the repeat section and then restore the original state. Rule machine 3.0 is so anazingly powerful, I love it.

@daniel.john.edge @Kasper

I have just updated GitHub with a completely new version of 'Flasher'
This no longer requires the 'Cobra Apps' container.. see code header for details.

This app now gives you the ability to set however many flashes you want.
It will also attempt to restore lights to pre flash settings (Has worked well for me so far)

Check it out and let me know how you get on :slight_smile:

Please note this is released under my new license agreement.



Works perfectly Andy! Thanks for releasing this..

Do you know if its technically possible to toggle on/off at a rate < 1 second?


I recoded tonight for a decimal input and added quite a bit of extra code to test this.

I tried setting 0.5 & 0.8 seconds..
There are two major problems..

  1. No lights I tested could 'ramp' up and down quick enough in less than a second to go to full brightness
    (I didn't get much more than a flicker)

  2. 0.5 seconds doesn't seem enough time for the app to collect the current states of more than a couple of lights to be able to restore (especially with hue lights - couldn't even do it with one)
    So, although technically possible.. it isn't really practical.

I'm sorry, I won't be adding this.


One thing you can do which should speed things up a bit...

Currently, the app turns the lights:
off - wait a second (or whatever is configured)
then on - wait a second (or whatever is configured)
then off again - wait a second.. (or whatever is configured)

Then it loops back to the beginning (until it's done it the configured number of times.)

So... technically, it's turning them off twice (once at the end then once at the beginning of the next go around)

If you comment out lines (by putting // in front of them):

219 & 220

It will actually flash a bit quicker because it's only turning the lights off once

I may well configure this as an update because I think it's cleaner


Thanks for the reply - I’ll give this a go.


Hey @Cobra,
is there anyway this could be for a switch / button VS time. I want to turn on 3 bulbs, set the level, hue & sat then continually flash until the switch is turned off. Is that possible with flasher ?

The flashing routine does not setLevel or hue etc.
It just turns things on/off.

It depends what you think of as being continuous flashing.. for a day? Forever?

Forever it can’t do...
But if you set the app to flash for one second on and one second off then set it to flash:
43200 times.. that would be about 24hrs!

Currently, the flashing does not stop if the switch is turned off.