Flash Lights - Don't work?

So I have Lutron Caseta lights throughout the house.

I'm trying to test flashing in the light device, but it's not working.

Any advice would be appreciated.

My Lutron Caseta Switches and Dimmers do not react to the Flash() command either.

@bravenel - is there a reason that both the Lutron Switch and Lutron Dimmer Drivers implement the Flash command? While probably somewhat harmless, it does lead to confusion as it seems these devices do not support Flash? Do higher end Lutron products (e.g Maestro) support Flash? I have just started using Lutron so I apologize if this has already been explained elsewhere.

So to confirm. The drivers don’t support flash?

RadioRA2 devices do support flash and all of the Lutron devices use the same driver. I can't imagine you remaining confused for long, once you realize that Caséta devices don't flash.

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I respectfully disagree. If the button is there, customers expect that it should work.

It just comes across as incomplete (to me).

On a generic driver it is somewhat reasonable to expect there to be features that don't apply to every model. But on a vendor specific one, it is a little odd.

Perhaps a simple message that is shown on the device details page that mentions Flash is not supported on Caseta devices? This would keep a single, unified codebase and eliminate confusion on the part of new users. Just a suggestion...

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There is no mechanism for displaying text on a device page.

There could be a preference on the device page for Caséta device. If selected, flash would be implemented in the driver by software. We will put that on the list of things to be done.


I suspect that will be impossible, for the dimmers at least, unless there's a way to turn off the ramp-up/ramp-down, in which case I'd love a preference setting that does that!

Easy enough to test this, simply turn the device on and off rapidly from the device page. It should still sort of flash, maybe bright to dim to bright. Let us know!

If you do this at about 3 second intervals you'll get a sine wave brightness pattern, but to make it really flash like you can do with simple switches, you'd need to turn off the ramp up/ramp down feature. Normally I like it, but flashing would be useful.

Is this possible with a Caséta dimmer?

There is a parameter in the Lutron integration protocol to specify the ramp time. Begin flashing is also in that same Lutron document. However, while Caséta implements a proper subset of what is specified in that document, the document itself is silent about Caséta details. A software implementation of flash can use that ramp time parameter set to zero to overcome the problem.