Fixing an Unresponsive Z-Wave Device (Without Re-Adding to All Apps)

Hello All,

What is the recommended process to fix/re-add an unresponsive Z-Wave device without removing it from the hub? I currently have 37 - Z-Wave devices that are still listed in the Z-Wave menu but not responding since the last Hub update. (Note: Eight Z-Wave devices are working so this is not a bad Z-Wave radio issue).

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I don't know if there is a recommended process. When I had z-wave contact sensors, I would just remove/re-insert the battery. Same with my z-wave locks (disconnect/re-connect battery pack). For GE z-wave switches, I used to pull the air-gap switch and push it back in again.

Did you have to fix any of your apps after they reconnected?



Although I would still recommend a zwave repair.


I have ran 6 z-wave repairs in the past 2 days on my 41 z-wave devices and only one has completed "done" in the logs.

Not good. I don't think you should initiate a z-wave repair if the last one never finishes.

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The Z-Wave repair finishes, but only one device gave the "done" response so far. I will attached a full repair log after I try another today, I fear this is a bug caused by the last Hub update.

This is all I get from each device as the Z-Wave repair runs and at the end I get the "Z-Wave Repair Complete" message after all non-battery Z-Wave devices are checked.


What I have experienced with this is it's usually a device not communicating within your mesh properly. Usually when the zwave repairs log show 4 consecutive "Repair Setting SUC Route" logs for a device is usually a tell tell sign. Sounds like you have many of those, what I have done is to find one of those devices, exclude it. Then run another zwave repair, and look for the logging to change for the other devices. Eventually you will get your mesh back on track although its a PIA tedious process

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I added a screenshot of this right when you replied Wayne lol...So when I exclude I have to re-add the device to all apps etc correct...I am fighting against that hard, I have 41 devices affected :frowning:

Yes you would. So best bet is to find one of the devices of your many doing this with the least amount of apps/automation first. After each one run the zwave repair. You shouldn't have to remove all of them, the mesh will eventually fix itself once you have found the one or multiple problem devices.

After you see the repairs working normally again give it a few hours before adding them back.

Would you recommend starting maybe with devices closest to the hub and work out?

There's really no way to tell on that as the devices closest to the hub don't necessarily become the first in line of communication with the hub.

It's purely a luck of the draw. I've had to completely start my 38 zwave device mesh from scratch about 5 times now since March, I previously had the same issues you're experiencing. This last time I added about 4-5 devices max per day running a zwave repair after each one. After the 4-5 devices I let the mesh run overnight to settle down. So far I don't have any of the 4 Repair Setting Suc Routes on any of them where at one time like you I only had about 3-4 devices that didn't have them

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I would donate $500 to fund an effort to have a true backup that includes the z-wave database....Thanks Wayne, I will start the work now :slight_smile:

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I could be mistaken, but I think this is under consideration to be added at some point in the future.

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So I figured-out what cause the issue.

A GE Z-Wave outlet (see the link below) was causing some issue after the update. I removed it and the entire Z-wave network came alive right after.