[FIXED] "Devices" page glitches with child devices

There are two long-standing bugs on the following picture:

Note: the second device is a "normal" device without child devices, this is how parent devices should look like (I think).

Bug #1: When a device has child devices, the "DNI" column is shifted downwards. E.g. "Kapu relé" has the 0012xxxx7F09 ID, and the 0012xxxx7F09-1 id belongs to its first child, "Kapunyitó - Gyalogos" in this case, but in the table they are misaligned.

Bug #2: Based on our observation, the first device ("Garázs kapcsoló") looks like a parent device without children, right? Its MAC address is shifted downwards, so it has to be a parent device... Well, it is, and it actually HAS two children, but they're missing from the table.

The child devices are working perfectly, and they're accessible through the device details:

An other device of the same kind (with the same driver) has its children visible:

I have no clue what causes it, I have many multi-endpoint devices, and they all have their children on this page. One thing I can think of: "Garázs kapcsoló" (the device with hidden children) was the first device joined to the hub, its id is 1, maybe that caused this one-time issue.

Right now at, but these issues persisted for years on my previous C4 hub...

Bug #2 is fixed in

However, bug #1 still persists ("Inverter", a device with children, but without DNID is aligned correctly, "Garázs kapcsoló" and "Kapcsoló - Lépcső" have both DNID and children, and their DNI is shifted downwards):

Check out - DNI/zigbee id should be aligned properly.

I confirm that bug #1 is fixed as well:

Thanks, guys


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