First Word of Sentence Repeats at End of Sentence

I have a rule that speaks a single word and then a wait and then speaks the rest of the sentence. The rule completes this but at the end of the speech it also repeats the first word again.

Ex. attention, wait 1 sec., the garage double door is now closed. Then it repeats the word attention again. Speech should end with the word closed.

It does this in BR and in RM. I created the same rule in both and it repeats the word in both.


[EDIT] I might have found the issue. If I change the wait time from 1 sec. to 2 sec. it does not repeat the first word.

Okay I get it. I must still be on the "Stubborn One" list! :slightly_smiling_face:

@bravenel I am just wondering if you saw this thread or not. It still may be worth looking into.

Please post a screenshot of the logs from the rule running.

Here is the logs.

app:24892022-06-25 09:51:01.165 am infoapp: When Garage Double Door Sensor opens …

app:24892022-06-25 09:51:01.163 am infoapp: Finished

app:24892022-06-25 09:51:01.115 am infoact: Speak on Living Room HE Sonos 'the garage double door is now open'

app:24892022-06-25 09:51:01.070 am infoevt: Wait time is up: 1 second , wait over

app:24892022-06-25 09:51:00.044 am infoact: Wait 1 second

app:24892022-06-25 09:50:59.993 am infoact: Speak on Living Room HE Sonos 'attention'

app:24892022-06-25 09:50:59.943 am infoevt: Wait time is up: 12 seconds , wait over

app:24892022-06-25 09:50:47.987 am infoact: Wait 12 seconds

app:24892022-06-25 09:50:47.949 am infoevt: Garage Double Door Sensor contact open

Please note two things:

  1. The logs clearly show that the app only did Speak of "attention" once at the beginning, and not a second time. I would suggest that you examine the Event Logs for the speech device. The extra word is not coming from the app. So that points the finger at the speech device driver. I don't know why it would repeat something spoken earlier. You could try importing this rule into Rule Machine, and see if it behaves the same way or not.

  2. In the future please use screenshots of logs, not copy/paste -- as requested above.